Chris Sheridan wants the terrorists to win.

USA basketball is in China, doing their thing in some mock Olympics with just basketball. World Championships or something of that ilk. Chris Sheridan is a writer for, now I can’t tell you whether he is a GOOD writer, because his name usually resides next to a little ESPN Insider logo, but I can say a couple things on what he has written about this USA Basketball team…

Why the world won’t be dominated IN New Window

Haywood to Team USA: Be humble IN New Window

Where Sheridan has a player from the 1960s, who was still in college for the Olympics, give advice based on his experience.

Sheridan: Team USA impressive vs. Lithuania … or was it? IN New Window
Sheridan: Words of caution for Team USA New Window

Sheridan: Team USA off to an encouraging start IN New Window
“Team USA needs to get proper rest, writes Chris Sheridan, because the road to redemption will be a grueling one.”

The Latest column from Chris Sheridan…

“Ten reasons Team USA won’t win the gold”

He did have one encouraging column in there for his month+ covering this team…

Sheridan: Team USA impressive after shaking off early jitters New Window

Seriously, I might be taking things out of context, in that maybe the articles aren’t that negative themselves, but this is a bit ridiculous. I know Andy Katz is going to praise the hell out of the team and I’m sure Dick Vitale wrote something about how this is the best coached USA Basketball team ever, but this isn’t exactly balance.

Unfortunately, this kind of crap is par for the course with ESPN these days.

Sheridan gets to sit back and when USA wins the gold, he can tell the World how they were expected to win and clearly going to win…because they are USA and we occasionally do this basketball thing RIGHT. But, that’s not what Sheridan is waiting for, because that would be the norm. No, Sheridan is waiting for this team to fail so he can write one final column on this team. I’ll headline it now…


Subtitled: I told you so, by Chris Sheridan. I am GREAT at this predictions thing.

That’s all he is waiting for. And you need to go no further then the start of his ten reasons article to know that this is what Sheridan plans on doing:

“The talent is there, but the experience is not. The will is there, but the wisdom is not. And while the camaraderie may be great, the on-court chemistry is still a work in progress.”

Choosing to couch his words in just a manner that will lead you to know that he indeed thinks that USA can win the Tournament, but that he’s going to be edgy by picking them not to win the Tournament. It’s a prediction, but it’s not much of a prediction. Here’s a prediction…

Alfonso Soriano will never amount to much except for the next Juan Samuel.

Now, I made that way back when, just a few years into Soriano’s Yankee days. I remember making that prediction because damn, way off on that one. The point is, though, that is was a prediction. Not this ole bullshit that Sheridan is pulling. Take a stand, Chris, be willing to have people say you look like a fool when Team USA beats everyone this summer.

People actually pay to read those articles, too. Fuckin’ Insider.

  1. Anthony said:

    Thank you!

    I just did a search for “Chris Sheridan is an ass” just to see if anyone else thinks that about him too. And here I am.

    Even right now, front and center on is a large picture of Chris Bosh and a caption along the lines of how he’s unhappy with the lack of playing time. and no doubt within the “Insider” article, Sheridan is trying to start some sort of trouble to throw the USA team off track. What good does that do? The team is doing well, there’s really nothing to criticize – and players signed up for this going in. They knew that they may get playing time, they may not, depending on matchups and the situations. So I’m sure Bosh may not be all that happy on the bench but I’m sure it’s not the drama that ESPN might be eluding to.

    it’s really pretty sad that they write that way to attract attention and get people to subscribe to Insider. well, i’d rather spend my time searching the web for more ‘Chris Sheridan is an ass’ links than pay for that crap.

  2. You’ll be happy to know that Sheridan’s latest piece is titled…

    “USA braces for medal round”…or something along those lines. It’s ridiculous. Like you said, there is nothing to criticize with this team, when team USA plays like this we should praise this. They said they wanted to turn the team around into a methodical squad that just rolls through people without really dominating…just winning consistently.

    As for Sheridan and insider, I kind of want to get my hands on some of those columns. Just to mock the content a little better. I might have to do a post just asking for people to send me lame ass Chris Sheridan columns to mock.

  3. lin zee said:

    No thing great about a twenty point win??. It only takes one point to win. The US team has basically slaughtered most of the competition. Except for the one game. Why dont u ask Nowitzski to tell us what a twenty point defeat feels like.

    Us wins by 20 and there is bad news in the way they won? Since Notwitski’s team lost by twenty he should be booted from the NBA then.

    Sound likes Chris Sheridan has converted me to his way of thinking. Idiotically.

  4. lin zee said:

    Chris Sheridan doesn’t realize win or loose we are still behind our USA team.

    Win or loose. Screw up or not we, they are still our team.

    Our team screwed up last time. Now we are trying to make it better and all Chris Sheridan can do is wine, wine, wine.

    The USA team is us. Its a “we thing.” These guys are doing it for us.

    I appreciate it. They are “our” team. Our USA family.

    Chris Sheridan wishes he was from Spain or Argentina.

    Go there Chris and get out of the U.S. of A you traitor.

  5. lin zee said:

    chris sheridan must be happy usa didn’t make it.

    i still stand behind usa basketball. there are our team.

    we lost.

    chris sheridan now wished he was greek.

  6. Heh, yeah, Sheridan now gets to brag about how AWESOME his prediction was.

  7. lin zee said:

    he is reading this cause he is now praising them. he is like all whine-butt journalists. whine, whine, whine….nothing praiseworthy to say.

    and what the f@#k with this international ball court?? the ridiculous wierd paint area, shorter three point line. how the heck is a nba palyer supposed to adjust to the short three point when they always have to contend with the longer nba distance.

    change the rules to nba style and have a series and then we will see who rules. nba should insit on it. change the rules or don’t ever think about playing in the us.

    a prerequisit for all foreign players is that they should have nba court style courts experience or it is no go with the nba.

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