A quick word about Chris Sheridan…

I need TEXT of some Chris Sheridan articles about USA Hoops. We’re getting some traffic in for searches like “Chris Sheridan is an ass”, “Chris Sheridan USA Hoops” and the bottomline is that Sheridan’s bashing of Team USA is a joke and starting to catch on. Constant pessimism about a team doing what they have to and what they expected to do is a bit silly and people are starting to notice. We need to mock Sheridan more, damnit.

But, there is no way I’m paying for that lousy ESPN Insider service to do so. So, if you’ve got some Sheridan texts and want to see them mocked, send ’em our way. I think we’ve got an e-mail address around here to click on, if not… grahamdo@msu.edu

While I’m on the topic of search engine hits coming in to this blog…we’ve got one for “cecil collins jail” which basically IS a milestone. Has to be.

  1. Ans said:

    Thanks for this great post, i have bookmarked your site in the hope there will be more of this



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