College Football Team

Ok, here’s the deal. I’m taking suggestions for a college football team to follow, maybe for this season, maybe longer we’ll see how things pan out. In a lot of ways i think College football is superior to the NFL, but maybe most significantly in the connection the fans feel with the team. Unfortunately, I think I’ve been missing out on this aspect. So I’m asking for help on rectifying this situation. I grew up in Northern Illinois so I never really had what you would call a local team that I grew up rooting for. The closest teams were the Northern Illinois Huskies and the Northwestern Wildcats. Neither one really inspires fear into their opponents or cries out for a strong fan following. A lot of the people near me are pretty big Notre Dame fans, but I never was able to connect with them. Maybe it was the fact they had their own television network, or that Lou Holtz too closely resembled the Crypt Keeper off Tales from the Crypt.

I went away to college but in a very anti sports fan moment managed to pick a school without a real football team, Marquette University. While Marquette does have a club football team, I hate to break it to anyone that played on your college’s “club” football team, you DID NOT play college football. The only difference between you and some buddies getting together at the park on weekends is the fact you had matching uniforms and instead of working on Monday you had classes to skip. Anyway, despite the storied basketball tradition at Marquette the lack of a football team left me without a team to call my own. I currently attend Michigan State law school, and while they do have what could be described as a big time football program they haven’t won me over. Part of it is probably that the law school is only loosely associated with the university, and secondly after attending a few games I just didn’t feel right about it. Whatever the cause, after really trying to be a Spartan I’ve found myself unfulfilled with the experience.

So there you have it, I really am a blank slate when it comes to picking a College Football team. After I get some suggestions, or in the event everyone is to good to respond, after I do some research I’ll let everyone know what I decided. Things I’m thinking about considering include: loyalty of fans, how much of a bandwagon jumper I’ll look like, what type of travel destination the campus is, how many felons the team produces and anything else that I can think of or is brought to my attention.

I should probably mention a few schools I’m ruling out off the bat. The first rule is no team coached by someone named Bowden, or any coach that was an assistant at Florida State (i.e. N.C. State or Georgia). I’m also ruling out any team that’s been named BCS champion since ’98 so that takes care of Texas, USC, LSU, THE Ohio State, Miami, Oklahoma, the aforementioned Seminoles, and Tennessee. I’m also probably looking for a team that would be fun to watch so its probably not going to be a BIG 12 team. Other than that I’m open to suggestions so let me know what you guys think and once I have some suggestions I’ll let you know how it comes out.

  1. J said:

    Auburn might be a good choice. Their fans are rabid. They play an exciting offense. They are quite possibly poised for a run at a title, which would be their first in almost 50 years. West Virginia might be fun to pull for too. They’re in a weak conference though. And of course there’s Georgia. They’ve got that bulldog mascot and he’s awful cool.

    I’m a lifelong Alabama fan. It hasn’t been much fun the last 10 years or so, but that may be changing, albeit gradually. If you’re looking for a team to pull for over the years, and you like to win, Bama might not be a bad choice. I suspect Bama will be back among the elite programs in the next two to three seasons.

  2. Becca said:

    Why don’t you like the Big 12? Hater.

  3. I present to you 5 solid reasons why it is a good idea to become a Central Michigan University Chippewas fan:

    5) Because All-American Defensive End Dan Bauzin has been named to the pre-season Walter Camp Award Watchlist, widely recognized as a list of the top 25 players in the country.

    4) Because Chippewa fans tailgate AWAY games. While other fans are watching in the comfort of their own couch, Chippewa fans are out tailgating even while their team is out of town.

    3) Because rumor has it the Doug Graham-led Chips had your number in a recent Play Station 2 game. You gotta respect that victory.

    2) Because the CMU Chippewas have had more players charged with murder in the past 5 years than the Miami Hurricanes.

    1) Because CMU will win the MAC and the Motor City Bowl this year. Book it.

  4. I am pretty sure you have to go with South Carolina.

    1. Spurrier

    2. Tailback Cory Byrd told the cameras…”I’m back…like cooked crack.”

    Cory might want to explain to us all when cooked crack left, but, it’s still a hilarious thing to hear a guy say on camera.

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