In honor of Jeff George

Jeff George came out of nowhere to sign with the Oakland Raiders this week. He hasn’t had a snap in years and his comeback is head turning to say the least. What former NFL players should make a return to the league in the manner that George has? I’m sure Lions fans reading this would wish that Barry Sanders would come back, but that just leads to the realization that Barry Sanders could come in tomorrow and be better than Kevin Jones.

Let’s get this thing started with…

Ty Detmer


1,530 pass attempts; 958 completions; 15,031 passing yards; 121 touchdown passes; He set 59 Records! Dude was sick 2 decades ago, you’re telling me he can’t get it together for one season and Jeff George can? Hell, George has used up most of his solid games in the NFL. Ty stills has them saved up, he is ready to go!

Wait a second, Ty Detmer is actually still IN the league?

OK, the rest of these guys definitely are not…

Jamal Anderson

The man ran all over fools for about a year, went to a Super Bowl, did the whole thing with the dirty bird dance. Then he dropped off, blew a knee out or something, but it’s like five years later and he can’t be much older than 35. He created a dance craze, why can’t a team give him a chance to re-create that Magic? What about one of these playoff teams? They can’t bring Anderson aboard to start a dance that will give them that last boost heading into the playoffs?

Is the dude who got hit in the eye with the penalty flag still in the league? If not, he should be.

Morten Andersen

I defy anyone to come up with a good reason why Morten Andersen should not be in the league. Dude is Danish and was in the League forever. He never really needed to leave. He once stated he wanted to play the game until he was FIFTY and teams like the BROWNS and the LIONS consider themselves too good for this man? Please. Some team that starts the season 2-4 should man up and sign Morten.

By the way, FUCK Gary Anderson. He is one man we definitely do not need back.

Chris Collinsworth

Because I would much rather see him in the league running routes across the middle of the field getting his head knocked off than listening to him in an announcers booth.

Terrell Owens

Dude could seriously catch the football when he was out on the field.

Mike Mamula

In 1995, Mamula set new combine records and popularized the NFL Draft Combine process. Players now go crazy to prepare for the Draft Combine and it is all because Mamula raised his stock a ton. He wound up going 7th in the first round, when realistically, the man should have been selected on day number two. The man retired from the game because he no longer had a passion for it. Unfortunately, that does nothing for folks who never wanted him to play the game to begin with.

Billy Johnson

While Billy likely couldn’t play any snaps at the age of like 54 and 19 years out of the league is just slightly more than Jeff George’s, the man could dance and it would be great if someone threw together a Time Machine built out of a DeLorean to put him head to head with some of these Johnny-come-lately celebrators. Man was named WHITE SHOES. Do this, Doc.

Raghib and Qadry Ismail

Going to Canada is a bad choice that people sometimes make. Usually they only do it for a vacation or something. Hit up Niagara Falls, maybe go to Montreal and speak French at a café for a couple days. Most don’t do it for financial gain. Raghib should have known the jig was up when he crossed the border because there was more money to be had up there. He is most famous for that and being the only worthwhile Notre Dame Football player EVER.

Qadry was awesome just for the Missile nickname, plus, if he came back, HBOs Real Sports would have an interesting story as Qadry’s Wikipedia page tells readers that Qadry converted to Christianity.

This is certainly not a comprehensive list. So, if you have a personal favorite that you think should be back in the NFL, hit up the Comments page right below here.

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