Daily Archives: September 2, 2006

College football officially starts today. The hell with Central Michigan having played a game on Thursday, no one really gives a damn about them. Today is the day where things begin to go down.

The day where Notre Dame gets beat, or at least Calvin Johnson makes an awesome one handed catch against them. One of the two. Marshall probably beats West Virginia, seeing as I called the Mountaineers a National Championship contender. Ohio State puts a hurt on Northern Illinois. My personal favorite, Drew Stanton starts his Heisman campaign against Idaho. Over/Under on how many weeks that one lasts this year? Probably 4ish. USC shows whether they are going to rebuild or reload.

The game of the day looks to be this California at Tennessee match. Cal is the higher ranked team coming in, and the Pac-10 team knocking off a big time SEC program on the road would certainly be fun.

The thing I want to happen most in College Football season (aside from PSU winning the National Title, MSU beating Notre Dame, Michigan losing a game in the last seconds to end an undefeated season) is Chris Leak to get off to a poor start with Florida. Maybe toss in an injury to get Tim Tebow some snaps. No way some dude who had a documentary on ESPN called “The Chosen One” is going to pan out. That is failure waiting to happen and here’s to hoping it goes down in the most entertaining manner possible.

It appears this video is not working, but, youtube it, it's hilarious.        

Jim Leyland argues, pauses for God Bless America and then resumes. The man is awesome. Kind of makes me want to stop telling these Tigers fans that they’re going to lose in the first round…

…until I remember that Ryan’s favorite fantasy baseball player told me today that I just enjoy crushing dreams. I guess you can call it that, but dead arms and a sinking ship usually handle that end of the business for me.