Howard reaches 50 and simply does not give a damn…

Ryan Howard came into today’s game with the Atlanta Braves sitting on 49 homeruns for the season. He already has set the Philadelphia Phillies franchise record for homeruns in a single season, but has a couple milestones still awaiting him. One being the 50 mark and the other being Ryan Doherty’s predicted Howard finishing total of 56.

Today, he decided to reach 50…

And then did not stop. He has shrugged off this huge plateau and hit two more homeruns today. The man has the team on his back and for anyone out there that thinks the Phillies traded Bobby Abreu too soon because this team is now in a playoff race…well, take notice of Ryan Howard’s play and the realization that they are in this race simply because Abreu was never a leader and now, the team looks to this guy, Ryan Howard, as a leader. It would have been great if it could have happened otherwise, but sometimes you need to move aside and let the man come through.

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  1. rachel said:

    the deals on those bats is good

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