Week One College Football takes

#2 Notre Dame – 14, Georgia Tech – 10

Brady Quinn’s Heisman campaign didn’t exactly get off to a roaring start last night in Atlanta, but he did lead the team to a win in a game that was surprisingly defense oriented. Calvin Johnson, Tech’s sick wide receiver, caught 7 balls for a little over 100 yards and the Tech TD, but only caught two passes in the second half. Apparently it took Notre Dame until the half to put two or three defensive backs on Johnson. You have an entire off-season where you know you’re going to play Calvin Johnson and you have to be forced into that adjustment at the half?

But, it’s still a Notre Dame win.

The rest of the day’s marquee action once you click the link.

#19 Penn State – 34, Akron – 16

Certainly could have been better for Penn State as they have Notre Dame next week, but the defense played strong and QB Anthony Morelli threw the ball well in his starting debut despite the rain that fell in Happy Valley. The biggest weakness for the Lions was in their offensive line push for running plays. RB Tony Hunt simply could not get anything going in this game and he is going to have to play a major role this season if they want to have any kind of success. The Notre Dame game next week is obviously a huge test for PSU.

#6 USC – 50, Arkansas – A lot less

John David Booty looked pretty damn good as the Trojans rolled over the Razorbacks. Maybe folks should rethink this whole putting USC down in the rankings thing? They seemed to be recoving nicely from the loss of Leinart and Bush, if this game is to be taken as any indication. They executed smoothly and had no problems with the Razorbacks. Thankfully, though, USC can be good this season without CHASING HISTORY and maybe the World can appreciate just how good of a program Pete Carroll has put together.

#23 Tennessee – 35, #9 California – 18

Well, maybe California was a bit overhyped? Or, Knoxville is just a bitch to roll into? One of the two, but Cal found themselves down 35-0 in the third quarter and it was lights out at that point. This was hyped as the marquee game of the week by most people who don’t really give a damn about Notre Dame, and just did not deliver.

Ohio State and Texas roll…

To set up next week, under the lights, in Austin. Ohio State rolled, but had some weaknesses in that Northern Illinois had a running back completely shred their defense. They might want to look into a remedy for that somehow before they get Texas. Ted Ginn Jr, on the other hand, tore some fools up.

In the…

We might be better than we had anticipated department…the Georgia Bulldawgs rolled over Western Kentucky, certainly expected despite the Dawgs using three quarterbacks. I guess once they mix their 4th QB in there they’ll really start to roll. The Oregon Ducks put up 534 yards in their dominating victory over Conference foe Stanford.

All that and the week is not over, as Miami and Florida State might play in primetime Monday on ESPN. Not sure if they’ve shown any commercials for it, but I hear the game is rumored.

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