NFL Predictions Part I: AFC

This is the first annual Joboo NFL predictions. You may ask can it be annual if its the first one ever, and the answer would be it’s our Blog and we’ll do what we want to. No one here at the site claims to be an expert on anything so if anyone disagrees or has some info that would change our minds please feel free to comment and drop some knowledge. We certainly are not smart enough to accurately predict each team’s number of wins but we will list them top to bottom in order of finish, and as an added bonus an * gives our prediction for the wild card teams. Part II will cover the NFC and then we’ll have a finale that should lay out the playoff picture. Hope you enjoy and let us know what you think.


  1. Patriots: It’s hard to pick against these guys at this point so I’m not going to start now.
  2. Miami*: Duante Culpepper is the first real quarterback since Marino down there and I think Ronnie Brown is ready to be a feature back. As long as Culpepper’s knee holds up Miami should contend for a playoff berth.
  3. NY Jets: New coach, new system, same gimpy quarterback equals another crappy year.
  4. Buffalo: The quarterback position is a mess but this team will go as far as Willis McGhee can carry them. (Translation- another 5 win season.)


  1. Cincinnati: Carson Palmer looks to be healthy and the emergence of T.J. Houshmandzadeh to compliment Chad Johnson means tons of points but there are two questions facing this team. One, will the defense stop anyone and second, how many Bengals will end up in county lock up.
  2. Baltimore*: The addition of Steve McNair and a liberated Jamal Lewis facing a relatively weak schedule should put the Ravens back into the playoffs.
  3. Pittsburgh: Not sure what to file this season under: Super Bowl Hangover, head coach uncertainty, retirement of team leader, departure of most dynamic player, aging leading wideout, unproven running back or Quarterback coming off motorcycle accident/appendectomy. All those things add up to a tough season, and despite a still dominating defense, a year without the playoffs in Pittsburgh.
  4. Cleveland: Romeo Crennel couldn’t steal that magic from New England like it seems Charlie Weis has, but the one bright spot should be Kellen Winslow Jr. finally able to go to war. Despite only playing two career games the self professed best tight end in the game will hopefully start to deliver on his promise for Cleveland fans.


  1. Indianapolis: They’ll win a bunch of games, but the loss of Edge is going to hurt more than most people think. They’ll make the playoffs of course, but Peyton will shit his pants in a big game, mark it down.
  2. Jacksonville: This team just seems blah so I don’t really have much to write about them. They may be good, they may be bad either way nobody is going to be that interested.
  3. Tennessee: Here’s hoping they lose a bunch of games early so that we can see Vince Young sooner rather than later. I’ve seen Kerry Collins play enough in my life so let’s see if Vince can embarrass defenses at this level too.(Translation-this team is not good, not even a little bit, but might be fun to watch with Vince taking snaps.)
  4. Houston: They aren’t going to win many games this year, but it should be exciting to see Reggie Bush running around the field. What, they didn’t take Reggie Bush? Seriously? They said they were set at running back with Dominic Davis? Isn’t he coming off of knee surgery? Wasn’t he really not that good to begin with? Why am I asking so many questions, especially about the Texans? Isn’t that a lame team name anyway? Moving on . . .


  1. Denver: Mike Shanahan might pull a hot dog vendor out of the stands to get him a thousand yard season, but they should be solid enough to hold down the division. This team is pretty good, but may actually be one of the few teams that has a better chance if their starting quarterback suffers a season ending injury.
  2. Kansas City: Larry Johnson is good evidently, but the real question is how will the Chiefs respond without the emotional (insert tears here) leadership of Dick Vermeil. Despite Herm Edwards arrival the defense will most likely struggle to stop offenses.
  3. San Diego: Does anyone else see a parallel between LT’s career and that of Barry Sanders? I mean he’s the premier running back in the league surrounded by a pretty crappy team. He may get them into a couple playoff appearances but they’ll never be a real Super Bowl threat. And people wondered why Barry Sanders retired so early. Yeah I would want to continue to take a beating for an 8 win team. Here’s hoping LT forces a trade to a team that we can really appreciate what he is doing.
  4. Oakland: They are bad, really bad which means that the highlight of the Raiders year was the signing of Jeff George. What, they cut him already? Damn I was really hoping that we would get some shots of Jeff George overthrowing Randy Moss and Moss spraying him with a water bottle.



  1. Overall, not bad. I would would Pittsburgh ahead of Baltimore, Miami ahead of New England, and Buffalo ahead of the Jets, but other than that I like it.

  2. Yeah, those were all three close calls in my mind. You can probably flip Miami and New England but I think both are going to make the playoffs. Looking at Buffalo and New York it was based on Buffalo having a tougher schedule than New York in my mind and if Pennington can give the Jets half a season they probably improve on the four win season from last year. I don’t think Buffalo is moving in the right direction from their five wins last year, hence why I put them behind the Jets. Pittsburgh was probably the toughest call, but I really feel like they are set up for a major let down from last year. McNair is going to have one of those “prove my old team that I’m not done” seasons and that should be good enough to finish ahead of the Steelers.

  3. I like the Jets finishing ahead of the Bills, but that’s mainly because I always think Pennington is going to wind up healthy and wind up making them competitive. It likely won’t happen, though.

  4. Shawn Glasser said:

    without a doubt Baltimore will finish higher than Pittsburg but i think 1st place in the North will be a tight race between Baltimore and Cinci, with the Ravens winning in the tie breaker.

    The thing with Baltimore is that unlike last year, if Jamal Lewis shits the bed, Anderson will jump in and put up big numbers. That combined with the new look defense might make things really interesting. If the defense can stay healthy and Ray comes back with a vengence, I see Palmer getting ripped apart.

    I’ll place my bold prediction here with the Ravens winning at least 10 games and Pittsburg with Batch at the helm until Ben comes back starting slow and finishing at 8-8 for 3rd.

    All other pics i can live with since Cullpepper has too much water around him to focus on football. That man will have some dope gang bang parties in the Ocean. So NE will win the East this year.

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