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For those who do not yet know me, or who aren’t yet veterans of the Joboo comments section, you might not know that I have a history of making some pretty wild predictions. Some call these predictions “outside the box”. Others call them plain crazy. I like to call them going out on a limb to support teams and players that I think are worthy of it. Once in a while they come true (perhaps the Tigers winning the Al Central this year). More often then not, they don’t come to full fruition but come close (Jason Marquis winning 20 games this year- he won’t but only 1 pitcher in the NL has more wins so that’s still pretty cool.)

Click read more for some not so bold predictions, but some analysis of the NFL QBs…

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Here at Joboo we’ll be wrapping up our predictions for the upcoming NFL season in anticipation of the regular season getting underway Thursday night. We’ve already took the time to go through the AFC and NFC in previous posts so if you’re a first time visitor go ahead a take a look back at those. This post is dedicated primarily to picking the champions of each conference and the eventual Super Bowl winner. If we had the time or desire to figure out the actual playoff structure and predict the number of wins for each team we could lay out the actual playoff brackets, but hey you’re reading this for free so really that would probably be asking too much considering I’m sitting here writing this post in Business Enterprises. . .anyway on to the picks Read More

Sometimes folks come to this blog via search engines. Sometimes they come in expecting one thing and getting something completely different.

Cecil not lettin' the man get him downBy the way, we have no clue what the dozen or so people per day come in looking for when they find this blog with a search term of “huge ass”. But, hey, welcome.

In this thread, I’ll try to help some of this visitors out.

One user came in with the search term of…

“how long is cecil collins in jail?”

Very good question. I don’t have the exact answer, but can say that whenever he does get out, he’s going to violate parole within six months and land his ass right back in there.

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