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Sometimes folks come to this blog via search engines. Sometimes they come in expecting one thing and getting something completely different.

Cecil not lettin' the man get him downBy the way, we have no clue what the dozen or so people per day come in looking for when they find this blog with a search term of “huge ass”. But, hey, welcome.

In this thread, I’ll try to help some of this visitors out.

One user came in with the search term of…

“how long is cecil collins in jail?”

Very good question. I don’t have the exact answer, but can say that whenever he does get out, he’s going to violate parole within six months and land his ass right back in there.

“how old is albert pujols really”


“monday night football preview washington”

The Redskins will not be as good as last season. Last in the division, who the hell cares what they’re going to do on Monday night?
“Manning big college games”
Ok, GREAT search. Manning never beat Florida, his biggest NCAA rival and when a National Title caliber team, could never lead them to the Championship that TEE MARTIN led them to the season after Manning left. See, College was where Manning started his losing big games thing and it has carried over to the pros. People want to talk about how this is just a few years running…nope, dates back to College.

“Jeff George madden rating”

Like 32.

“week one of football”

About time.

“oregon st boise st football pick”


“tom brady hairline” and “lebron james hairline”

No clue.

“phillies fear marlins”

Look. The Phillies don’t FEAR the Marlins. They just happen to lose to the Marlins in critical games…a lot. It’s not so much of a fear as it is they like to hide in the corner and not respond when they play the Marlins. But, it definitely is not a fear. And look, you keep playing the odds, at some point the Phillies will beat the Marlins in some critical games, right? Probably not this season, probably when they’re in last place some year, but no, definitely not a fear.

Plus, Ryan Howard fears NO ONE.


Right on, man. Keep searchin’.

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  1. No comments yet, but I added a picture of our man Cecil in jail. So, hopefully business picks up in this thread.

    Cecil’s lawyer definitely appears to be writing down some sort of number figure for Cecil and we sure know it is not a settlement…

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