Daily Archives: September 8, 2006

For a system that is designed to make sure that the officials make the right call, one would hope that maybe you should consider getting that to work correctly before rolling it out there. Of course I’m talking about the NFL and instant replay as most recently highlighted by Nick Saban’s half-hearted attempt to challenge a play in the season opener in Pittsburgh on Thursday night. Obviously, as the rule stands Saban was most likely in the wrong in that situation but that certainly doesn’t mean the rule itself isn’t bullshit. Read More

Every Friday I plan to post my Stone Cold Lock of the Week. Hopefully, by following my picks or choosing the exact opposite the readers can make a few bucks.

1) Chargers over Raiders (Raiders are getting 3 points)
People are high on the Raiders after an impressive preseason. However, it is merely preseason and I expect another awful year. Rivers is taking over for qb and going against one of the worse passing defenses in the league I don’t expect him to have any trouble. Plus, the Chargers always have Tomlinson.

2) Denver over St. Louis (Denver is giving 3.5)
St. Louis claims to be focusing on the run this year. I expect this strategy to go out the window as soon as they are down in the first quarter. I think Denver is just a more physical team and will like to make a statement at the beginning of the year.

3) Seattle over Detroit (Seattle is giving 6)
I hate to do it to the lions, but I expect them to lose and lose badly. Seattle may experience a brief hangover due to the superbowl loss, but the Lions have experienced a decade of consistent losing and I see no reason for this to change. Hopefully Ford will relinquish control of the football team as he did with Ford Motors and allow the fans to actually to watch a good football team.

Editor’s Note: I didn’t even have to add in that remark about going opposite of what Lance here comes up with. But, I would recommend it. We certainly don’t ask the audience to trust us often, but we go to law school with the guy. A little trust may go a long way here.