Yeah, like I’m not giving away my Spartans ticket to watch Notre Dame and Penn State. Doherty and I will be checking in throughout the day with thoughts on the games as I watch my Lions and he watches his Gamecocks pull their upsets. Our buddy Glasser (pronounced with an O instead of the a though, he’s Canadian, hey) will be checking in occasionally, you may know him from his posts in the comments section…
First time since 1992 in South Bend for the Nits…not enough snow, but it’ll work. Click Read More to get behind this blogging all day experiment…

3:40, Graham: Akron just got done pulling off an upset of NC State down in Raleigh. Hell of a finish to that one with Akron taking a 14-10 lead, the Wolfpack marching down the field to take a 17-14 lead…only to see the Zips go for it with three seconds to go in the game…and run it into the end zone for the victory. Great finish there.

4:09, Doherty: I really can’t wait to see someone spear Brady Quinn in the chin. I’m sick of his I’m Matt Leinert without all the hot southern california girls around.

4:20, Glasser: Today leaving the MSU tailgate we saw 3 fools wearing “Drew Stanton for Heisman” shirts. The irony is, his heisman campaign will last 3 weeks, 1 for each of those fools wearing the shit. That aside, MSU looks to be thumping the worst team in the Nation, big surprise it is a MAC team.

4:23, Doherty: Yeah, but Eastern Michigan’s QB looks ready for the NFL, that is when he’s looking for the snap and not taking it in the nuts. That aside, I have a question. How many MAC Punters are in the NFL?

4:35, Doherty: 9 minutes left in the second quarter and Eastern Michigan has already switched quarterbacks. I guess its because they have so many NFL quality quarterbacks there just aren’t enough snaps to go around.

4:40, Glasser: Just enjoying Brady Quinn realizing that he has as much of a shot at winning the Heisman as Stanton. This man is Heisman quality with throws like he’s been trying? I’m just waiting for Penn State to win so I can see Jo Pa walk over and slap Charlie Weis.

4:46, Doherty: No wonder Notre Dame is always so good, evidently they only have to get 9 1/2 yards for a first down.

4:51, Graham: 13-0 Notre Dame. Quinn with, probably, a good percentage of completions and a TD, so I’m sure Disney’s analysts will call it a Heisman half. Reality is, Penn State should have picked him off twice in the red zone and he’s missing any pass longer than 11 yards down the field (aside from tossing it up in the air for his TE, PSUs linebackers are rush stoppers, not exactly coverage guys). Note to PSU Freshmen, just fall on a loose ball, rather than picking it up and trying to take it 22 yards for a TD.

4:53, Graham: Weis says Brady is good looking on top of being propped up as a Heisman candidate. The color commentator then referred to Brady as a heartthrob. Brent Musberger is so jealous right now.

5:01, Doherty: Perfect time for Penn State’s first penalty. Just a note for the officials, there is no penalty for ATTEMPTED CLIPPING. I’m pretty sure you actually have to hit the dude beneath the waist and not him just not being able to walk.

5:15, Doherty: Rough first half for the Lions, but don’t worry Penn State fans no matter how the game turns out at least you aren’t Notre Dame fans, so you got that going for you.

5:16, Graham: PSUs just not good enough yet to overcome the mistakes. Quinn is overrated as hell, but one thing he has going for him is that he just keeps firing. Those two passes that should have been picked in the red zone earlier could have got to other QBs. PSU needs to decide whether they want to put in more DBacks or just bring the house and knock Brady around. As is now, they’re getting no pressure on Quinn and letting receivers run all over the place. Not exactly working.

5:21, Graham: Colorado/Colorado State is playing their game in an NFL Stadium. As if the kids in these programs needed more of an excuse to get cocky and pick up felony charges.

5:39, Graham: Morelli just looked like a MAC QB with that quick decision making. One play after Derrick Williams had a ball go right through his hands. This game is 27-0, and very, very annoying.

6:02, Graham: And you wonder why people don’t like Notre Dame? How about a fake punt up by 24 points in a game in which they are making the opposing quarterback look like, well, like he’s only started two games ever. That Morelli interception on their first drive after the Field Goal was awful. The game completely in hand, why do you fake punt in that situation? Not an ounce of respect for the game. Hopefully Paterno calls Weis out after the game for being the jackass that he is. If Weis does not get heat for that call, then folks will understand why the rest of the world hates Notre Dame…

6:26, Graham: So, after that fake punt, Weis went for it on 4th and goal and now…goes for it on 4th and 1. Weis is just vying for points in jackass of the year running. Completely out of hand…but, he is a Notre Dame head coach, and I guess it is a requirement to be a piece of shit.

Unless of course you’re Tryone Willingham, in which case, they fire your black ass because you don’t toe the line and act like a jackass.

6:30, Doherty: It’s not like Charlie Weis needs to make a point to the voters since they get the bullshit Notre Dame bump anyway. Its just too bad that Charlie Weis never lied on his resume.

6:44, Doherty: This just in from South Bend. . .Joe Paterno has been suspended for 2 games for daring to score a point on Notre Dame. Charlie Weis has also been given an extra down for the remainder of the game.

6:45, Glasser: Really disappointed now, Brady Quinn just left the game so he couldn’t get fucked up. I guess Weis must have heard that Jo Pa just told his team, “I’ll give $500 to the first kid that knocks that pretty boy the fuck outta this game!” Nothing like running the score and going for shit on 4th down and fake punts. It just goes to show you how unprofessional Notre Dame is. Just remember this Weis and don’t bitch when other teams are up 50 points and still throwing the long pass to route you jackasses.

7:12, Graham: Charlie Weis is a disgrace. There’s enough on that. KICK THE BALL, jackass. Well, there’s enough. As for the game, well, while I said going in that PSU could win the game, it hinged basically on some things, that, uh, didn’t come to pass. Such as Morelli playing like an experienced QB. Not making mistakes, too. Oh, well, now it’s time to worry about Doherty’s Gamecocks.

7:20, Doherty: Shawn is now doing some reading for corporate finance, evidently he isn’t that into the Colorado-Colorado State rilvary. Don’t be too harsh though, he is Canadian after all.

7:22, Doherty: And we evidently have the first Beaking reference over a WNBA question, see nothing good comes out of the WNBA.

7:43, Doherty: Two minutes to kick off, the kids are rocking down in Columbia, and it only took 17 seconds to mention Joe Terishinky III being a thrid generation Bull Dog. I’m pretty sure the Gamecocks’ defense is not giving a fuck, and would hit his dad and grandfather if they got the chance.

8:06, Doherty: He’s back, like cooked crack. Corey Boyd in the house, and if you haven’t seen it you tube that video of Corey Boyd from last week’s game, priceless.

8:32, Doherty: The Gamecocks are off to a slow start, but I’m not alarmed although this could mean that its more of the OSU-Texas game. On the bright side I was able to see Mack Brown fondle the field judge’s ass.

8:39, Doherty: Sydney Rice is embarrising the Georgia secondary without even catching balls. BEsides that they are still down 10-0, but driving.

8:40, Graham: Bob Davie, have you ever recruited anyone from Tuscola, Texas? Apparently that one brought Davie to laughter…and then complete silence. Do we take that as a no? Why is Bob Davie on a marquee broadcast team?

8:55, Graham: So, where’s the SUN Network when you need it? Down in Tallahassee, the Seminoles find themselves trailing midway through the 4th quarter to TROY. Not sure how that could be good in any way.

8:58, Doherty: Damn right momentum shift, BIG interception in the end zone. I would have been happier to see dude stay in the end zone and bring it out to the twenty but hey I’ll take what I can get at this point. Deep post off play action here, fuck this running bull shit. Forward progress? what the fuck is that safety call about.

9:05, Doherty: You can definately put that half in the shitter for the Gamecocks, but its by no means out of reach yet. Too early to lose faith when it looks like FSU may already lose tonite.

9:25, Doherty: SO I guess Colt McCoy is a real american hero and not Vince Young. Who the fuck neds to be VInce Young when you are a G.I. Joe, now that is the life.

9:41, Graham: Sign in Austin: “don’t mess with Tress”…yeah, because he’ll throw you under the bus when you get in trouble and you’ll find yourself selling marijuana to college kids, robbing fools in a town where everyone knows you, rolling around town with weaponry, the vest and some grey goose. So, yeah…don’t mess with Tress.

9:54, Glasser: Ted Ginn is running silly against Texas and OSU is leading at the half. Da Cocks are busting down the field and the announcers just commented on Spurrier’s visor. The officials just Called a fumble on 3rd and goal, without the safety when it only should have been a down by contact. The RB was sitting on the ground for 5 seconds cooking crack, but apparently the officials didn’t watch the Cocks game last year when the RB made the announcement or notice the bent spoon.

10:05, Doherty: This Gamecock game is turning into bullshit.  These refs are looking like they are calling the Notre Dame game with Georgia playing the part of the Fighting Irish.  But I mean seriously, three chances from the one and you can’t punch it in.  Damn.

  1. Spence said:

    Dotes – like the comments but this one has to be called out for its sheer on its face ridiculousness:

    8:39, Doherty: Sydney Rice is embarrising the Georgia secondary without even catching balls.

    Come on man. And I can’t believe you complained bout them refs. You got more than your share of calls. Other than that, I feel like the cocks could have made that game scary with a break here and there. Hope you can recruit an OL soon so the Cock n’ Fire can work. Like the site too dog.

    Dougy, sorry bout them lions.

  2. I was basically talking about one play where Rice threw one guy to the ground and just lept over another DB. As far as the calls go it was pretty square, except for that terrible call at the goal line on the alleged fumble. Boyd was LAYING on the ground and it still took them five minutes to get that call right. I’m not saying it was a huge deal because the gamecocks couldn’t punch it in anyway, but I think part of it was giving the Gerogia defense such a rest helped them a little on that stand. And of course the offensive line is the biggest problem currently, but they are young so hopefully as the season goes on they will get their feet under them.

  3. Spence said:

    I agree that the goal-line call was stupid. It was painful to watch it in slow-mo cause it took so long for the ball to come out. Didn’t think about the rest, maybe you’re right.

    But your comment was a little more than the one call. You said: “These refs are looking like they are calling the Notre Dame game with Georgia playing the part of the Fighting Irish.” Eeek. you got a real sweet pass interference call to go your way, and I won’t do the obligatory bitch about holding calls cause I wasn’t watching your D-line. Regardless, it was a good game but I maintian that until SOS can effectively recruit in SC without getting his best players stolt, then he’s not going to be able to throw the ball like he wants. Time will tell.

  4. Jocey said:

    your blog is amazing. I have to visit it again.

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