College Football Saturday

What to watch for today…

Probably the matchup between #1 and #2 in Austin as the Buckeyes travel down to face the Texas Longhorns in a huge rematch of last seasons Texas win in Columbus. Someone with Disney woke Brent Musberger up early today and the man opened Gameday with some yelling. I’m going with the Buckeyes in this one as I’ll take Troy Smith over some dude named Colt that just by that name sounds like he’s going to spent a stint in rehab and roll around with suicidal tendancies Joe Kane style. This isn’t a “lancer STONE COLD LOCK” or nothin’, but I do what I can.

More on today’s matchups with the link…

Elsewhere…West Virginia has Eastern Washington coming in, the only reason why I mention this is because the Mountaineers should hang 100 on this team. The hell with running the score up, just do it, it’s not like you’re going to be looked at any less in the standings.

The Washington Huskies travel to Oklahoma to play at 3:30, and well, Oklahoma didn’t exactly rock UAB last week. Louis Rankin is a good enough running back to give Washington a shot in this one.
How can I not mention Doherty’s new college football rooting interest…the South Carolina Gamecocks? I’m sure he’ll let you know more about their potential upset of Georgia at some point today, but, Georgia is rotating like 13 quarterbacks. Rotating two never really works out, I’m not sure how Mark Richt expects to pull this one off.

And Finally…

Penn State travels to South Bend to revenge Rick Mirer and Jerome Bettis being jackasses.

I’ll be honest, I’m a bit biased in this one, so this certainly is not a prediction, but Penn State can beat Notre Dame. Both teams come in with a lot of things to fix from their first games. Specifically for PSU, they need that offensive line to play better and give Tony Hunt some lanes to run through.  If it is close, it favors Penn State, they have the better defense and more weapons on offense outside of the quarterback position. But, both teams have the potential to put a hurt on the other.

One last game to talk about, Michigan State hosts Eastern Michigan. Hopefully these fools put a hurt on EMU. To the knucklehead scheduling this game at 3:30…why? The Spartans just need to keep picking up wins, then upset the Irish and we’ll go from there. Last night, The Champ called Drew Stanton “amazing”, so uh, who knows where that could lead?

We might be back later this afternoon and keep a running blog of sorts during the PSU game at 3:30 and the Gamecocks game at 5:30. We’re not entirely sure, but it’s certainly not a bad idea.

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