Don’t Sleep on the Gamecocks

For the second week in a row South Carolina has a primetime SEC match-up televised on ESPN (7:45 Eastern on the mothership). This is just another sign that South Carolina is a team on the rise. This is going to be a much tougher test for than last week for the Gamecocks but don’t let the 15 points scored against Mississippi State scare anyone of the Gamecocks’ bandwagon. Don’t think for a second that Spurrier was saving a few things for this week. He is that type of sneaky bastard that would sandbag against an inferior team like Mississippi State just to surprise the Bulldogs.

Also, Sidney Rice’s 2 catches last week was more likely an aberration than the start of a sophomore slump. Mississippi State locked up their best cover corner, and on most passing downs were rotating TWO safeties over on Rice. Mark Richt is confidant (read cocky) enough in his team to think that he doesn’t have to double Rice. . .BIG MISTAKE. I see him rebounding with a 7 or 8 catch day and at least 1 touchdown.

Despite Georgia’s high ranking, its definitely arguable that South Carolina has more offensive talent and there is no argument that Georgia is going to have a better offensive gameplan. The Georgia quarterback situation is best described as less settled than our buddy Shawn’s stomach after tailgating. The likely starter is Joe Tereshinski III, and the most interesting thing anyone has been able to say about him is that his father and grandfather both played at Georgia. That may be a cute story, but I’m not sure how many completions that equals against a fast, aggressive South Carolina defense. Also likely to see action is big time recruit Matthew Stafford who took the Georgia offense to two touchdowns in their blowout first week win against Western Kentucky. If Stafford gets into the game its going to be a bad sign for Georgia fans. A true freshman quarterback going into Columbia is probably going to crap his pants, or at least make some really bad decisions.

It’s probably no shocker that I’m picking South Carolina in this game, but I don’t think that I’m really going too far out on a limb for this one. A lot of things are going in the Gamecocks favor, including Spurrier’s 11-2 record against Georgia. I realize all those victories were at Florida but it tells me that Spurrier is probably in Richt’s head if he wasn’t already from Richt’s days as an assistant at Florida State. Kirk Herbstriet is also going with the Gamecocks in this one so I’m not really sure if this is a good thing or not. At least Corso picked Georgia, and according to him its because of Georgia’s special teams. I would be impressed if Corso could name one special teams player on EITHER team.

One quick note on the Penn State-Notre Dame game, Lee Corso has picked Penn State and I DO know that is not a good sign for Notre Dame (sorry Doug). And Champ, keep your hopes up. Maybe Michigan will be looking past CMU to next week and Notre Dame, or they will be sleeping on the Chippewas cause they don’t respect them, or if you’re really lucky maybe there will be a rampant case of dysentery running through the Michigan locker room.

  1. J said:

    Don’t think Steve has the Cocks there yet. Georgia should have better athletes on both sides of the ball. Bulldogs should get them late. There’s no denying, though, that the Cocks are rising (sorry) and the Dogs are declining in the overall scheme of the conference.

  2. Spurrier don’t need athletes to win, He’s Steve Spurrier dammit. All he needs is a football, a visor and an overmatched Mark Richt.

  3. J said:

    Football players win football games.

  4. Yeah but unfortunately all too often those valiant efforts by the players are wasted by coaches making stupid calls.

  5. J said:

    Can’t argue with that.

  6. Akron again steps up and represents the MAC. Good job Zips!!!

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