Daily Archives: September 10, 2006

Eli v. Peyton tonight…anyone giving a damn? I love some football, but I’m not going to watch a minute of that game. Hell, I might not watch a minute of any NFL today if the Champ is so intense on the Lions game that he refuses to watch Carson Palmer (Doherty and I’s Greaty White Fantasy Hope) against Larry Johnson, even on commercials. Champ is already into degenerate gambler mode. Sweating out both the Bears/Packers and the Eli Bowl and it’s not even 1pm : “did Boomer just say the Packers have no shot?” Um, I wasn’t giving a damn, but probably. On the bright side, it leads into a Brett Favre package, so I get to check and make sure the Last button is working on the remote.

By the way, when this day ends and there is no NFL Primetime on ESPN…blame NBC. And the Mannings. Primetime is only listed for air tomorrow afternoon. Boomer and TJ are apparently still doing highlights on Sunday nights, just not calling it Primetime…this is not going to work out well.

What I’m giving a damn about today, because I’m certainly not giving enough of a damn about Business Enterprises and Criminal Procedure:

Denver at St. Louis at 1pm: Why, first game of Champ’s parlay, he says. Want to get his pain and suffering out of the way before he gets too many Bud Lights in him.

Philadelphia and Houston, this fool Mario Williams is going to kill McNabb…or, do nothing and get a lot of comments such as “Reggie Bush could have been here?” etc…As an Eagles fan, I haven’t been giving much of a damn about this season because the way I see it, either they’ll win or they won’t. By win, I mean contend for a Super Bowl…or they won’t do anything at all (kind of like last season). There won’t be a middle ground for this team, so why live or die with each game?

Tampa Bay and Baltimore interests me for some reason…I’m not really sure why. Maybe just because I want to see Ray Lewis beaking on Chris Simms.

Kansas City and Cincy is definitely the top game of the afternoon and should be very entertaining to get the season started.

It’s 12:55 and I’m just now realizing that Joe Buck is doing the FOX pre-game and James Brown is on CBS? And I learned this from the info button, not actually seeing Joe Buck on the pre-game? The games could be awful, but I’m happy to have not learned that fact first hand.