The Champ Said WHAT?

This is the first installment of a semi-regular feature here at Joboo. Periodically we’ll be checking in on everyone’s favorite common sense challenged forecaster, the Champ, and update everyone on how his predictions are looking. We know he tries to go out there for making these predictions, and for the interest of keeping the comedy flowing we’ll try not to be too harsh on the boy. If you’re interested in seeing how his first week of predictions are shaping up click that handy read more link.

1) Kurt Warner to pass for 5,000 yards if he can avoid injury.

Well, Kurt Warner definitely got off to a good start this opening weekend against the 49ers putting up 301 yards through the air. If he averages that over the whole season he’ll finish with slightly over 4800 yards, and definitely push that 5,000 yard mark. Unfortunately for Kurt and the Champ the Cardinals have to play real NFL teams and not a 16 game schedule against San Fran. But I’m sure the likes of Chicago and Seattle wouldn’t want to put a crimp in Champ’s prediction.

2) Green Bay will beat Chicago this Sunday.

Ummm, no.

3) The Lions will win the NFC North this year.

I’ll be the first to admit that the Lions defense impressed me a little against Seattle, but I’m not drinking the Kool-Aid quite yet. They did allow Hassleback to complete 25 of 30 passes while doing an impressive job slowing down Shaun Alexander. As for the offense, I guess Mike Martz isn’t instantly good for 30+ points after all. I still don’t think he has the weapons he had in St. Louis or a dominating offensive line to make up for the needs at the skill positions. Given Chicago’s performance at Green Bay in a giant rivalry game and Detroit’s performance at home, I certainly like Chicago in their home opener next week. That certainly puts Detroit in a hole looking for that division crown.


4) The Michigan Wolverines will win the Big Ten this year.

Michigan looked impressive in their win, but after all it was a MAC team so let’s not get to excited. On the other hand, did any of you see the Ohio State-Texas game? Yeah, Ohio State looked pretty friggin impressive on the road. So unless you think Central Michigan is a tougher opponent on the road than Texas at home, you have to think that OSU are the favorites at this point, with nothing being decided of course.



5) Joey Harrington will start for the Miami Dolphins by season’s end


Culpepper certainly didn’t look good in the opener, but he had one of his deceivingly high statistical games that don’t look that bad on paper but that doesn’t change the fact he hurt his team on the field. That said, it was against a pretty good defense and Joey Harrington is REALLY bad. The only way this is happening this year is if Culpepper is hurt, or Joey Harrington’s mom buys the Dolphins.



1 comment
  1. Pretty fair analysis.

    I know I took a big hit on that Chicago v. Green Bay game, and I am the first to admit it.

    I underestimated Rex Grossman, and I gave Brett Favre too much credit.

    I know Kurt will have tougher opponents than the 49ers so he certainly does have to step it up. I think if there are any good indicators there, it is that he had a lot of short passes, and not so many really long ones that inflated his numbers. Hopefully he will get those later on and have some future 300+ yard games inflated by longer passes.

    I think the game next weekend between the Lions and Bears will be a BIG one towards my division prediction. If the Lions can upset the Bears, then I have no worries there. If the Bears win, then the Lions will have themselves in a huge hole.

    Other than that, I just hope that Daunte gets hurt and that UM doesn’t blow any stupid games early. OSU certainly did look good but that prediction might come down to the OSU v. UM game.

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