Can Jerry Porter get a 15 year deal?

Apparently the San Francisco Chronicle reported the following today:

That ticked off receiver Jerry Porter was on the sidelines laughing and pumping his fist when Aaron Brooks was sacked for the seventh time in Monday Nights, expected, debacle.

Porter decided that the best approach to this situation was to, well, dispute the story.

“The San Francisco Chronicle report was not true,” Porter told some ESPN talking head. But, it gets better…”I wasn’t even paying attention to the game. The fist-pumping was in response to some fans that were talking to me when I was sitting on the sidelines.”
Good man, that Jerry Porter. He wasn’t throwing his man Aaron Brooks under the bus, he was openly not giving a fuck.

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  1. So I heard John Clayton say on ESPN that the trading of Deion Branch for a number one pick just raised the value of Jerry Porter, probably to the level where most teams wouldn’t be willing to go. I’m not sure how people are going to value Porter higher than Branch. Neither one has put up a thousand yard season in their career, they are similar ages, and they are pretty close in their statistics for an average year. Not to mention, while Branch was a holdout I’m not sure if you can really label him as a bad character guy and Porter has somehow managed to look like the biggest jackass on his team despite having Randy Moss and Warren Sapp around.

    The other part of that comment that I don’t understand is Clayton’s complete lack of understanding of markets. OK, so the Raiders ask for at least a first round pick, and no team is willing to give that up. Does that mean the Raiders just keep Porter on the inactive list? Probably not considering I’m pretty sure if he’s on the inactive list they are still paying him. So once no one is willing to give the asking price, almost like magic, the asking price comes down. I’m not saying he’ll definately be traded because like all other things markets depend on rational behavior from the actors, and we don’t see a lot of that out of the Raiders. Its probably most likely they let him suit up and he drops his value even more by mailing the season in, and is finally cut at the end of the season.

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