Fighting Gamecocks

Despite a very disappointing outing against what could only be categorized as a superior Georgia team the South Carolina Gamecocks proved they still have some fight in them. Well, at least starting QB Blake Mitchell did. Mitchell was arrested in the early hours of the morning today after a trip to a local watering hole. Mitchell was charged with simple assault which could either mean it was a bar fight or he decided to beat the shit out of a man with Down Syndrome. Albert Pujols’ representative was unavailable for comment, but we are sure he is outraged.

All kidding aside simple assault generally means that there were no weapons or serious injuries involved which isn’t hard to imagine from Mitchell. In his first two games he has proven completely incapable to hurt SEC defenses so why should he start now with some frat boy at a bar. This is only speculation but one can only hope that some South Carolina fan was voicing his displeasure with Mitchell’s rather craptacular performance the past two games.

Especially given the fact that being at a bar in the wee morning hours on a Wednesday is clinically proven to enhance your performance in whatever endeavor you choose to pursue. Maybe he should spend less time drinking and trying to cash in on his fleeting moments where women will actually pay attention to him and, I don’t know, work on reading defenses or coming up with ways to put the ball in the damn endzone.

Not that the offensive ineptitude shown by the Gamecocks was completely Mitchell’s fault, but I find it hard to blame it on a coach renowned for his offensive mind, the best freshman wideout from last year or a running back that’s has no problem comparing himself to cooked crack on national T.V. People may question some of Spurrier’s play calling in the red zone, but it tells me that he doesn’t trust Blake Mitchell anymore than you would let Maurice Clarett watch your kids. After a couple unsuccessful running plays up the middle down on the goalline, Spurrier would almost have certainly called something different, that is if he didn’t expect his offensive line to crumble and Mitchell to toss a pick or drop a fumble.

Since Mitchell is suspended, for at least this upcoming game, we get an extended look at Chris Smelley. Smelley can’t possibly stink as bad as Mitchell (I’m really sorry but I had to). Smelley has seen limited action, but did help account for the Gamecocks’ longest play from scrimmage against Georgia, a 42 yard completion. From what I’ve seen and heard, Smelley was a pretty big time recruit out of Alabama, not Tim Tebow big but that may be for the best. He’s definitely more mobile than Mitchell which should help take some of the pressure off the offensive line.

This suspension probably couldn’t have come at a better time for the Gamecocks, with upcoming games at home versus perennial powerhouses Wofford and Florida Atlantic. This should give the freshman QB ample time to settle down, let his defense carry him for a little while, and hopefully set him up to hold on to the starting QB job if and when Mitchell’s suspension is over. I’m not saying he’ll be significantly better than Mitchell this year, but quite frankly he can’t be worse and at the very least if you are going to have poor QB play at least make it count and prepare the kid for next year.

  1. J said:

    “Mitchell was charged with simple assault which could either mean it was a bar fight or he decided to beat the shit out of a man with Down Syndrome.”

    That’s pretty friggin’ hilarious!

    Give Steve a couple of years to work with top-shelf prospect and he’ll contend for the east. Interestingly, Steve’s greatest successes come when he has a stud back, like Fred Tayor, to soften up the defense. It always revolves around the running game.

  2. Kevin said:

    Ryan, this isn’t really the place for this, but I thought I would ask before I forgot – how about a legit run down and prediction on UM v. Notre Dame this weekend…inquiring minds want to know

  3. Kevin, tune in Saturday morning to find out what Doherty and I are thinking about the college football action. We usually put up preview type deals before the games start. I’ll probably write right about the time Gameday starts on ESPN. Doherty will chime in at some point as well and hopefully you get all you need to know about that game, but, then, stay locked in at Joboo all day Saturday, because Doherty and I and probably Shawn will be sitting around all day, watching the action and live blogging this HUGE weekend in College Football

  4. So evidently the whole fight surronded Mitchell trying to bring underage girls into a bar and the Bouncer taking issue with it. Now, I won’t speculate as to whether underage referred to the 21 years needed to enter most bars, or the 18 years needed to keep your ass out of jail. Either way I’m hoping Mitchell had a Keith Hernandez moment and started screaming “DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?” Leading to the Bouncer replying with “Yeah, weren’t you that guy in the movie ‘Poweder’?” Even if the girls were under 18, Mitchell should still be able to join his teammates on the sideline this weekend. Hell, Mack Brown lets Wooderson hang with the longhorns all the time and he was WAY older than Mitchell.

  5. The latest is the complaint against Blake Mitchell was dropped by the bouncer that he allegedly punched. The court did put in a restraining order stating that the Gamecocks QB can’t frequent that particular establishment again. It looks like Spurrier is going to start Syvelle Newton at QB over the freshman Smelley. Mitchell should be eligible to play a week from Saturday against Florida Atlantic, but one would hope if Newton or Smelley can move the offense, Mitchell will park his pale ass on the bench.

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