Someone doesn’t need Bob DeNiro around…

When Wesley Snipes wasn’t in a hitting rhythm, Bob DeNiro did him a favor by stabbing Benicio Del Toro. Thereby killing the man and getting Snipes his number back. The backup punter for Northern Colorado decided to do the damn thing himself and stab the starting punter in the leg. Probably because this is not Division I-A, where I’m sure the punter could have found some alumni donor to get things done for him.

The starting punter won’t play in the game this Saturday, unfortunately for the backup/knife wielder, he won’t either. Apparently he isn’t all too good at the concealment thing, maybe he should talk to Cris Carter? The stabber was a sophomore, apparently he is also a very impatient man.

  1. Geez , I didnt realize how completely nuts punters are. Now I know the reason why they are 10 yards back from other players on the field. Our founding football fathers knew how unstable those punters are, we should have seen it coming.

  2. J said:

    I hope there was a chick, or maybe drugs, or something else involved. Jesus.

  3. After reading the latest update on ESPN’s website it looks like there was at least one accomplice, and in an effort to avoid getting caught the punter put black tape over his license plate. The problem was that he drove to a gas station parking lot to pull the tap off, where the gas station attendent took down the plates and gave it to the cops. I guess the exucation at 1-AA schools must be of a lower quality too. Who drives to a well lit area that probably has video cameras to cover up a crime? Are we sure this dude wasn’t just trying to transfer to Ohio State?

  4. this is like the Tanya Harding, Nancy K incident, except with less drama and more stupidity. I wonder if the starting punter cried, screaming, “Why me, why me?”

    This fool seems like he received some great education and clearly shows that the football scholarships at that school are associated with “fake degrees”. How stupid do you have to be to stab the man, and then leave a trail to get caught.

    Hopefully this man ends up in jail so that he can chill with Maurice Clarrett, cause both these men have sooooo much in common.

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