It’s Thursday, and the Champ is still waiting to Double Up.

Well, Its Thursday, we all know what that means. Time for the debut of Segregated Survivor, Bar Night Specials at the Riv and Rick’s and of course, what everyone has been anticipating the most, 5 more bold predictions from the Champ. My picks from last week have already been evaluated, and the Chicago v. Green Bay pick did indeed sink like the Titanic. However, the other 4 remain alive and some are even looking promising. It is also of importance to note that a certain NFL football player has decided to start mocking the Champ by making predictions more bold and wild than even the Champ would ever make. For that reason, I have included a special 6th bonus prediction after my regular five. Without further ado (again in random order),

1. The Tigers hang on and win the AL Central

This one wouldn’t have been bold enough to make my column a month ago, but I don’t need to barrage people with statistics to explain what has happened as of late. The Tigers have been collapsing, and the Twins are breathing down their neck. Their once 10-game division lead is now a measly game and a half. Many are saying the Tigers are done. Others are saying they will sneak into the playoffs with the Wild Card but won’t hang onto the division. The Champ says they win the AL Central. Book it.

2. The Lions will beat the Bears this Sunday

I know. I tried this anti-Bears thing last column and it didn’t work out. At all. But maybe a little persistency will pay off here. I promise I won’t make anti-Bears predictions every week. The Week 1 Chicago win just didn’t impress me because I didn’t realize how awful the Packers really are. Detroit showed some newly found defensive promise, and I think there are a lot of people on that team who are ready to play their guts out in Chicago. Look for this to be another 9-6 type game, possibly another Chicago v. Detroit overtime game. But I will make a deal. If the Bears do beat the Lions, I will never mention the two words “Chicago Bears” ever again in a column. (sorry Google searchers, hopefully somebody else on Joboo will write about them so you can still get to the site).

3. LaDainian Tomlinson to rush for 2,000 yards this season

Only 5 NFL rushers have ever done it. I’m saying LT becomes the 6th this year. It might not be as special as Kurt’s 5,000 yards, but I think its pretty close. I have full confidence that he can do it in San Diego’s new offense. Everybody was jumping on the LJ train during those fantasy drafts, but I think LT was really the smart #1 pick. We’ll see what happens, but you can say you read it first here in Joboo that LT becomes the 6th 2,000 yard rusher in NFL history.

4. Samkon Gado to rush for 1,000 yards this season

I’ll let the readers decide how bold this one is, but I think it’s bold enough to make the column. The Texans are rolling the dice on Gado, and adding him to their stable of running backs that already includes Ron Dayne, Wali Lundy, Chris Taylor, and the injured Domanick Davis. Why did this team pass up on Reggie Bush? The world may never know. But they did, and this is what they got. I am saying that Gado emerges amongst all those guys as their regular starter and has a decent year. It would be stupid to come up with a number any higher than 1,000, but the 1,000 mark is still a respectful one for NFL running backs. So, there it is, Gado gets 1,000 rushing yards.

5. Reggie Brown is this year’s Steve Smith

Last year, Steve Smith shocked the fantasy football world. He emerged as the leagues top fantasy receiver, and not many people saw this coming. I don’t want to get into specific yardage or TD numbers, but my prediction is that if anybody can replicate Steve Smith’s breakthrough season as a WR last year, it’s the Eagles’ Reggie Brown. He didn’t do much in Week 1, but look for him to rebound strong and have an excellent season. Try and get Reggie on your fantasy team now while you still have the shot.

This week’s special bonus prediction:

The moment everyone has been waiting for. In case anybody hasn’t been watching any sports recap shows all week (it is starting to get annoying to hear last week’s games analyzed about 999999 times already) Lions WR Roy Williams made some pretty bold predictions. He did in fact make the same prediction as the Champ- that the Lions will beat the Bears on Sunday. In fact, he guaranteed it. However, this is where the similarities end. See, Roy continued to say that the Lions were a few plays away from scoring FORTY points last week (they scored 6), and then when their offense is functioning the way it should, that there isn’t a defense in the NFL that can stop them. Okay, Roy has lost his mind. He has surpassed the Champ on the boldness chart. So, here is my bonus prediction: The Lions will not score 40 in any game this season. Roy will get injured or benched by Week 8. But, the Lions still beat the Bears. That’s all for now, but be sure to tune in this Weekend to see how the predictions start to shape up, and of course, I’ll be back next Thursday for 5 more.


  2. lancer said:

    I see no way for all of these predictions not to come true? Oh wait, there is that thing called reality. Gado got traded to the Texans, their whole team won’t run for that much.

  3. I actually like your Roy Williams getting hurt predicition, especially if he keeps running his mouth. I wouldn’t be suprised if he didn’t finish the game this Sunday. Mike Brown is making his return this Sunday at safety and the Bears’ linebackers are always looking to knock the teeth out of primadonna wide recievers. Even if the Bears don’t get Roy, his own team might knock him the fuck out for motivating a Bears team that was primed for a letdown week following that dominating rivalry victory at Green Bay.

  4. Damn. I post an article, and 4 comments are up in 10 minutes. Classes must be pretty boring today. Samkan Gado will be the feature back in Houston. Davis has rushed for 1,000 yards in that system, and I don’t see why Gado cannot.

    Doug, where are you getting this 32 yards/game average? Last yaer he rushed for over 500 yards in less than 8 games. Quick math converts that into over 1,000 in less than 16 (15 games he has left). Not sure where that 32 yard per game number comes from?

    He will be the feature back for the Texans, and I think he will get the 1,000.

  5. “Gado got traded to the Texans, their whole team won’t run for that much”

    Really? As far back as I can go, 1972 to be exact, no NFL team has rushed for fewer than 1,000 yards for the season. A number of teams put up lower numbers in 1982, but that was due to the season being shortened by strike rather than the teams just being crappy. So Lance, either you think the Texans are the worst team in the NFL since 1972, or you know something we don’t about NFL labor relations.

  6. I’m making up 32.2 yards per game as what I sarcastically expect SAMKAN to pull off.

  7. By the way the last comment should be in no way construed to be agreeing with the Champ thinking Gado will hit 1,000 himself, just thought I should clarify that.

  8. Ah, I got ya. Good ol scarcasm. Well, I am backing Gado based on his actual statistics from the past, combined with that of the past people in his new roll (Dominack Davis) to say he will hit the 1,000 yard-mark. We’ll see what happens.

  9. Mike said:

    Not a chance Champ. The only one that has a chance is LT but I’m predicting he gets hurt by week 4. Unless Rivers can find a way to complete more than 2 passes a quarter, Ray Lewis will have no other goal in that game than to kill LT like he did that guy outside a bar a few years ago.

  10. Kevin said:

    Champ, I am with you on the SAMKAN train – just to spite Doug…GO GADO!

  11. “If the Bears do beat the Lions, I will never mention the two words “Chicago Bears” ever again in a column.”

    I don’t know Champ its going to be kind of hard to avoid DA BEARS when they are rolling through the NFC North, but Doug and I will do our best to keep you honest on this promise.

  12. I fully intend on keeping honest with it.

    No more predictions regarding “that team from the Windy City”.

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