Daily Archives: September 15, 2006

Editor’s Note: In the following post, lance makes a LOCK OF THE YEAR and then says if it fails, the creators of this site will reimburse your losses…well, uh, fuck that. Motherfucker went 1-2 last week, there is not a chance that we are guaranteeing anything in this post to be anything close to a correct pick. Again, if you pick with Lance, you do so at your own potential peril.

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“Apparently” Reggie Bush and his family received $100,000 in benefits while he was still an “amateur” athlete at USC. You know what I say. . .more power to you Reggie. I’m fairly certain that 100k doesn’t even scratch the surface of how much money Reggie generated for the school, conference and the NCAA. I know all about the supposed evils of paying college athletes and a lot of them make sense. So while leaving out the bigger discussion of whether or not we should or shouldn’t pay college athletes and just give some props for Reggie getting his. Read More