College Football…is good

Live blog time. Click read more, we’ll be attempting to crack jokes and provide analysis.

3:44, Graham: I’m pretty entertained by the play by play announcer saying the words, “we’ll have to watch the running game, Steve Buerline.” When and why…

3:46, Doherty: Pick six Michigan, that’s going to hurt Brady Quinn’s Heisman run. And I don’t want to hear any bullshit about that being deflected its just Karma catching up with all those dropped picks that Penn State didn’t capitalize on last week.

3:52, Glasser: Michigan is bringing pressure and Quinn is shitting the bed, the man can’t handle pressure.

3:58, Glasser: Apprently this is called the new pick 6 offense on display in this game. Fucking Chad Henne needs to stop impersonating Brady Quinn. But they marked him out on the 3 instead of pick 6. Still Michigan 7-0.

4:01, Graham: Two INTs in the UM/ND game leading to the 7-7 score, but this Auburn/LSU game, 13 minutes in is shaping up to be a really good defensive battle. One of those games that could finish at like 10-7 and leave you not caring that points weren’t put on the board.

Quick word on the Michigan State this afternoon, since, you know, Doherty, Glasser and I do attend the law school…About as good as you can expect from the Spartans. Granted, the Pitt Panthers aren’t very good and do have DAVE WANNSTEDT as their head coach, but the Spartans the past two weeks have been doing what they have to do. If the defense holds up against Notre Dame, who knows…plus, they might sneak into the back end of the top 25, but I’ll be hoping against that.

4:15, Doherty: It’s pretty clear that Charlie Weis isn’t a defensive coach cause that DB probably played that out and up route worse than ANY DB I’ve ever seen. Of course Michigan fucks up the extra point, this is definitely shpaing up as some game the refs are going to hand over to Notre Dame in the end.

4:23, Doherty: Touchdown Michigan, Mike Hart over the top from the three. College coaches don’t use that play enough, especially when you’ve got an offensive line dominating like Michigan’s. In the LSU-Auburn game the defensive lines are just hurting fools. Auburn has two consecutive first downs, but they might be there all night before someone scores in this game.

4:31, Graham: Notre Dame trails Michigan 20-7 and PSU has THREE points on Youngstown St. in the second quarter. So, maybe Notre Dame ain’t shit? An hour into this thing and Glasser hasn’t commented on the Oregon Ducks uniforms? Kenny Irons can lay into fools and grind out the yardage.

4:41, Doherty: So, John Vaughn is now 1 for 7 in the last two games against LSU on field goals. If I were Vaughn, or really anyone that is related or has MET him I would be contacting the witness protection program. They are really good at making people safe from crazy people that want to kill them. It looks like there is almost 100,000 Aubrun fans that want his blood.

4:52, Graham: Pretty sure Auburn needs to start centering the ball with Kenny Irons on 3rd downs in field goal range. As low as this score is probably going to be, it might not be a bad idea.

4:53, Graham: Notre Dame is still getting their ass beat. Oklahoma is about to take a bigger lead on Oregon as that game approaches half, I don’t think we’ve mentioned it yet.

4:57, Graham: CBS is showing graphics heading into the 3-0 Auburn/LSU halftime about the off the field lives of the Notre Dame players as they let us know that the Irish are “fighting from behind.” Just another Saturday night for Brady Quinn.

5:36, Doherty: After a half hour break where we got off our fat asses and threw the football around quick check on the action. Notre Dame is getting HOUSED at home by Michigan 34-14. Auburn just broke through with a quarterback keeper for the first touchdown scored against LSU’s defense all year making it 7-3 in the 3rd quarter. THe Auburn-LSU game is shaping up to be everything it was promised. . .the Notre Dame game isn’t. I’m enjoying the absolute embarrasment of Notre Dame at home, can’t wait to see that the stadium will probably be half empty after the half.

5:45, Graham: Miami is trailing Louisville 24-7 and I’m pretty sure the Miami A.D. is on getting some cheap flights from Newark to Miami lined up so they can begin to court the Rutgers head coach.

6:06, Doherty: So does this buy Lloyd Carr another season or are people still calling for his job? I’m thinking if he hangs 50 on Notre Dame he might be safe. It’s 4th in goal for Michigan, really hoping it leads to a fake field goal up 20 over Notre Dame after that lame ass fake punt Charlie Weis called last week. They setteled for 3 points but they are still EMBARRISING Notre Dame. Lou Holtz is turning over in his grave. Wait, he’s not dead yet. . . Well I would like to apologize to Mr. Holtz’s family if I caused any trouble.

6:33, Doherty: Nice catch by Notre Dame fighting off the pass interference and picking the ball off the leg of the Michigan Defender. That Notre Dame reciever was as focused on that ball as Lance is on Brady Quinn’s load.

6:39, Glasser: Hart is running crazy on the shitty ND defense. 116 yards today and counting. Looks like the overrated Irish will drop down to 10th or worse in nation and Michigan will be top 5. Auburn and LSU has 1:06 left, Aub 7-3.

6:48, Doherty: Great end to the Auburn-LSU game. By far the best game I’ve seen so far this year, even the Ohio State-Texas game didn’t compare to this energy. it was hard hitting from the first snap. Not sure how LSU has 3 seconds left and doesn’t get anyone to the endzone before throwing that pass down 4, but I guess thats why I don’t make the big bucks coaching college football. That has to be a huge load off of the kicker for Auburn after that miss he had early. I would put Auburn second in the rankings ahead of West Virginia and probably put Notre Dame down to the 10 or 11 mark after the shalacking they took today. Always knew they were overrated, but that is what you have with all that “tradition” running around.

7:04, Graham: You know that whole pause and rewind live TV feature cable companies are doing these days? Pretty cool when Brady Quinn is getting his ass knocked around.

7:15, Graham: Dan Fouts is a moron…but, best thing about it is that he lets you know that he is a moron. He must revel in it, kind of like how lancer must love making awful predictions and labeling them as STONE COLD LOCKS…of the year.

8:23, Graham: Understatement of the year, by Brent Musberger after USC Trojan running back gets his leg TORE up: “looked just a touch ugly there.” A TOUCH, Brent? A fucking TOUCH?

8:55, Doherty: End of the first quarter in the USC-Nebraska game. With 6 seconds left I commented to Doug that it looks like USC was going to get shut out in the first quarter, I turned back to the second T.V. to see USC punched it in with no time left on the clock. Evidently Pete Carroll didn’t like my comment, so I apologize to the USC nation for doubting how bad they were going to kick Nebraska’s ass.

11:58, Graham: Yeah, so we played some poker instead of doing this…and since we’re some classy dudes, we were playing Omaha Hi/lo.

  1. CMU beat Akron (the team that beat NC State).

    Last night, Toledo beat Kansas.

    Just figured I’d fill in on the latest MAC football updates.

  2. This post is for college football. If you want to comment on unnecessary bullshit, I’m pretty sure you’ve got your bold predictions thread to fall back on.

  3. Bold Predictions > Stone Cold Locks of the week.

  4. Bertrand said:

    I would just like to congradulate the SIU Salukis on their 35-28 come from behind victory today at perrenial Big Ten powerhouse Indiana.

  5. Fire up Salukis!

    Congrats also go out to my rival Western Michigan for their victory over Virgina. Another Big Day for the MAC and all the other Mid-Majors.

  6. Thanks for the updates on the little major teams, we were too busy watching the REAL college football games to notice.

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