There’s some pretty good games today, I hear…

Seven games between teams in the top 25 and Gameday travels to Southern California for the worst of the bunch. Because, hey, 7am in Southern California where they don’t really give a damn to begin with is going to make for great television…right? Haven’t the tailgating fans in Auburn killed two fools in by now? Just Cause? Needless to say, fools are going to be more crazy in Auburn at 10:48 EST than the fools in the GameDay background.

So, here is what we’ve got today…Auburn and LSU in what could be the match-up of the year. More talent on the field for this game than Texas/Ohio State last week. Then you’ve got Florida heading to Knoxville in a “right now we’re both contending for the SEC Title, but one of us is going to lose this game and COLLAPSE” game. Michigan heads to South Bend to find out if the Wolverines are for real as they face the once again #2 Notre Dame Irish. Texas plays Rice…

I mean, uh…Miami/Louisville and Oregon/Oklahoma, while not as marquee as those other games, should be interesting to find out which of those teams are for real. I’m specifically looking at Louisville on that one.

Other games of note, well, for Doherty and I, we should have a pair of easy victories with his Gamecocks taking on WOFFORD and my Nittany Lions taking on Youngstown St. But, hey, I’m sure Michigan State will struggle with the PITT Panthers for us.

Should be a good day of College football, check back to the site around 3:30, because we’re going to be live blogging the days events. If you weren’t around for that last week, check the “Akron?” thread.

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  2. Damn, thanks Charles for taking time out of your busy schedule of not giving a fuck to send me that Birthday message.

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