Final: Bears v. Lions


For those of you that were too worried about Roy Williams safety or didn’t want to be made ill by the Lions play today and didn’t tune in, I’ll try and give you a little help on the Bears beatdown of the Lions. Click the read more and you can check out my thoughts at the half and after the inevitable conclusion of the Bears making the Lions look worse than the Packers.

Well its only halftime, and while there is plenty of time left in the game I’m pretty sure the Lions were wishing they were on their way back to Detroit already. The Lions are ridiculously close to being shut out, or if you ask Roy Williams they have the Bears right where they want them. The facts are that Rex Grossman is already having a career day with 3 touchdown passes including a huge play to Bernard Berrian (pictured above telling us what he thinks about the Champ’s predictions). The offense line is handling the Detroit defense that looked promising in week 1, but has sunken back into mediocrity awfully quickly.

As for the Bears defense, well you give them a lead like this and let them sit in that cover 2, its going to be rough sailing with Carson Palmer at quarterback, so you can imagine what its going to be like with Jon Kitna taking snaps. Urlacher and Briggs are flying around the field and the whole defense is hitting like its the AUburn-LSU game yesterday. They’ve taken a couple runs at Roy Williams, but unfortunately he isn’t catching enough balls for them to tee him up. The Bears have forced two fumbles already and given the way Detroit is going to have to come out throwing in the second half i wouldn’t be surprised if that number was at least doubled.

I’m not saying the Bears will pitch a second consecutive shutout against a division rival, but its looking more likely than the Lions winning the division at this point. DA BEARS DA BEARS DA BEARS. . .


Well the Bears finished the game on a high note, forcing another fumble out of the Lions offense leading to the Bears scout team taking a knee to run out the clock. As my Girlfriend so eloquently pointed out one of the announcers stated that the Lions got outplayed today. She thought it was more like “they got out-rushed, out-passed, out-hit, and out-tied their shoes.” While I can’t comment on the Lions ability to tie their shoes I can say they are having a little trouble with this vaunted Mike Martz offense.

Roy Williams thought they were ridiculously close to scoring 40 points last week after putting up 6 against the seahawks, so I wonder how many points that one touchdown they got this week translates into in Roy’s mind. I would think at least 75, which is exactly why Roy needs to put down the weed and turn up the difficulty setting when he’s playing Madden. No wonder he didn’t think any defenses could stop the Lions when he has it on rookie and he has the offsides turned off.

On the other hand I’m pretty thankful that Roy has such a big mouth and so little production on the field. Nothing like firing up a defense coming off a SHUTOUT. The sad thing is, if it wasn’t for one bad play where Charles Tillman didn’t get his head around on an under-thrown ball that lead to a big pass interference call against the Bears the Lions wouldn’t have scored an offensive touchdown. The Lions also managed to get a defensive TD called back because a DB thought the only way to cover a 7 yard route was to try and poke out the wideout’s eye. That was a major theme throughout the game, the Lions being penalized 14 times for 104 yards. Watching the game, and while I’m certainly not an unbiased observer, I didn’t see a lot of bad calls that the Lions can blame on the refs.

On a much more positive note, Rex Grossman had a HUGE day for the Bears. His line looked like 20/27, 289 yards, 4 TD’s and 0 INT. Grossman had a TERRIBLE preseason to the point most people were calling for Brian Griese to start. Question anything you want about Grossman, but the man has SWAGGER. He may not be the best quarterback ever, but neither was Jim McMahon and he won a Super Bowl with a similarly constructed team (not that I’m comparing the Bears running game to Sweetness, but more the dominant defense and the cocky QB who just seems to know how to win). If there was any doubt about his attitude, the way he has shrugged off the criticism and DOMINATED divisional opponents that should tell you everything you need to know. One play typifies it for me, where Grossman scrambled towards the sideline, looked like he was going out of bounds, but pulled up at the last second and fired a ball into his tight end for a first and goal. The Lions’ defender gave up on the play and Grossman with his quick release fit it in to Desmond Clark on a line. Gotta love that stuff out of your QB.

Grossman has put up these huge numbers because his uniform is just as white as it was prior to the game. The Bears offensive line was crushing the Lions’ defense. Grossman wasn’t sacked once, and the couple times he got hit he stood in the pocket and delivered the ball on time to his reciever. Grossman has complete faith in his offensive line as he should, becuase I’m going to go out on a limb and say they may be the BEST in the league. They certainly have shown it with pass protection so far this year.

I don’t usually like to make guarantees, but this one seems pretty safe. . . The Lions will NOT be winning the NFC North this year. I would be less surprised if the Bears went through the division undefeated.

  1. I knew Detroit was going to be bad, but I did not expect them to be this terrible on offense. Next week do they beat the hapless Packers?

  2. I have to say if they lose to Green Bay, and if that coincides with the Tigers getting caught for the A.L. Central, there may be a rash of suicides and bodies ending up in the Detroit River.

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