They’re a little bitter in Norman…

And rightfully so…


I mean, OK, I think that defensive lineman probably DID tip that football. I disagree with the Oklahoma folks that an Oregon player touched the ball before ten yards. He touched it right at ten yards and that is legal. Now, do I think Oregon actually recovered the ball? I’m not sure. I thought so, but saw an angle today that made me think they didn’t actually get possession. However, the reality of both of these situations, no matter what side you’re on, is that they were close calls.

The President of Oklahoma does not see it like that. He sees it as something where the officials should get suspended and the game should be VOIDED.

Yeah, I’m not kidding.

On the tipped ball bad call, it doesn’t make a difference in the outcome of the game.  Oregon still gets that touchdown because at that point in the game, they just weren’t stopping the Ducks. How many yards did they give up to the Ducks?

500? So, because the President of the school wants to VOID those yards, he says the hell with integrity and realization that officials (even when they get to watch the play again) make mistakes…he wants to cancel things out.  Right…so, do we do that in every instance where there is a close call? Because the only call that made a difference was the onside kick. Now, this jackass on YouTube has offered THIS video up to show clearly that Oklahoma should have got the ball…

CLEARLY he touches the ball before ten yards there. Clearly the dude needs to stop using the most INCONCLUSIVE angle possible. Here’s the thing, could the Oregon player have touched it at yard 9? He certainly jumped forward from yard 9, but you’re telling me, without ANY, any, any, ANY possible doubt, that the ball wasn’t 10 yards? Please.

Reality is this…there are only two conceivable angles of the play. The one from dead on, but further out, or the one closer up, but at an angle. To me, the one from dead on, looks like the ball is on the 10 yard mark, from the other angle, it looks like he could have got there slightly early. For the record, even if the guys body is not at 10 yards, if the BALL is 10 yards, then he can touch the thing.

Two more VERY important things…

1. Dan Fouts is a moron and HE said that the ball should have belonged to Oklahoma. Do you want to readjust your stance? Do you want to take the side of the Oregon Ducks now?

2. To overturn the call on the field…the evidence needs to be INDISPUTABLE. Not exactly easy and when you have two angles that are showing different things, well, it gets a bit more difficult. So, in this case, they err on the side of the call on the field. This certainly was not a replay situation where you could look at it and go “yup, definitely touched before 10 yards”…unless of course you’re Dan Fouts, and we’ve already established that he’s a moron.

It’s not simple. Especially when it goes against your team and Oklahoma fans sure are whining about this one. It certainly doesn’t help that the TV broadcast showed the CLOSER angle more than the more accurate overhead angle. But, controversy does indeed sell, so if you’re ABC, you’re going to show that angle and you’re going to get a rise out of people from it. In the end, it was a call that could have gone either way, but because it went one way on the field, they stuck with that.

And now, because of pressure from Oklahoma, the officials from the game are going to be suspended. Sure, the Big 12 does bring in money to the Pac 10 and playing games against that conference will get people to take notice of the conference (outside of USC) more. But, do you need to please them that much that you make a rash decision like this one?

The hell with the Big 12 and Oklahoma for abusing their position of power like this. Take the loss and move on. Don’t make noise about voiding losses and wanting people suspended when you know the Pac 10 is going to want to keep their relationship with you in tact.

Even if you believe that indisputable video evidence shows that Oklahoma should have won that game, you just tarnish the game with actions like these.

Aside from that, did the replay officials block that field goal attempt?

  1. Or did those replay officials call that Adrian Peterson running play at the end of the game that got stuffed for no gain? Hell, Oklahoma was lucky that Peterson didn’t gain 9 yards, cause they were barely able to line up and spike the ball with the SAME line of scrimmage. Whatever you think of the calls, and I happen to believe that the officilas made the right calls not overturning either play since nothing was conclusive, Oklahoma didn’t go out and win that game anyway. Quit blaming the officials and man up. . .score a few more points on a PAC 10 defense wearing silly uniforms and this isn’t even a story. When you don’t put teams away you take your life in your own hands for a bad call, lucky play or a stupid call by your coach.

  2. Oh man, I completely forgot that they ran that AWFUL Peterson run at the end of the game. I was trying to remember the sequence of things and thought maybe they ran it back to field goal range, but yeah, that play call and their defense lost them the game more so than anything else.

  3. lancer said:

    What about the pass interference call where it was tipped at the line of scrimage. I don’t see how you can say that ball went 10 yards before it was touched.

  4. lancer said:

    Nevermind i just read more closely you did mention the tipped ball

  5. I mean, sure they have a right to be upset. The refs messed some calls up, and it arguably cost them the game. I would argue that it didn’t cost them the game because the game is an hour of football, not a couple of plays, but I can see a legitimate argument being made that it cost them the game.

    However, I feel that the President of Oklahoma (I’m too lazy right now to look up his name) is a total moron. To ask that the game be stricken from the record books is asinine. Come on people! Officiating is a part of the game. Every once in a while stuff like this happens. Deal with it. Officiating is just as much part of the game as is bad weather or injuries. Deal with the adversity and move on. To cry and whine and ask for the game result to be stricken is incredibly unprofessional. I have lost all respect for the Oklahoma football program.

  6. Spence said:

    I think this blog is very, very good and should be nominated for something. Dunno what, but something.

  7. lancer said:

    Yes, but these blown calls may end up costing them a big bowl, and thus, millions of dollars.

  8. Are you saying that Oklahoma isn’t going to make a bowl game this year? Are you serious, that’s like saying Notre Dame is the best team in the country and Texas isn’t a top 10 team. It doesn’t even stop them from getting a BCS game since the Big 12 has an automatic spot for its champion. So the loss to the Ducks may sting a little bit but it doesn’t mean that you they won’t get a big bowl game, however you define that. If you think they really had a shot at the national title, well that is one argument, but they get paid the same no matter which BCS bowl they play in. So the solution seems clear, OU needs to stop their crying and go out and bury some teams.

  9. Benny B. said:

    I don’t know if you’ve got a hard on for Oregon or what (personally I hate both teams). Why bother spending almost the entire rant focusing on the 10 yards call when the bigger issue is the fact that after 5 minutes of watching a decent video, you can see that regardless of who touched the ball first, Oklahoma actually recovered the ball. Just because the refs only reviewed the 10 yards call? The refs didn’t bother to see who had the ball in their hands when they made the call, and then they didn’t bother to review who had possession. Don’t you think you kind of need to see who has the ball to determine possession? Oklahoma number 23 had the ball five yards away from the officials and any Ducks. He was a moron himself to not wave the ball in the air showing he had it. That’s not a close call though, that’s an egregious error that cost Oklahoma the game. THAT is why the PAC-10 is suspending the officials. Oklahoma had possession and could have run out the clock with a minute 6 left. In light of that, who gives a shit about the other evidence you give to claim Oklahoma would have lost anyway? Did you even bother to read up on what the PAC-10 had to say about this yet, including the part about determining that Oklahoma had recovered the ball? Graham and Dotes are so quick to caustically attack any view opposing theirs before they even stop and think about what the reality of the situation is. Yes, Oklahoma could still possibly get into the BCS by winning the conference, but what if for some reason Big 12 South had to go a nonconference/overall record tie-breaker to see who gets into the title game? If that didn’t fall their way, it certainly could cost millions of dollars. They should have known to not ask to have it eliminated from the books though. That just doesn’t happen. Everyone’s lie down and take it hero, Lloyd Carr would just say that they had plenty of other opportunities to win the game and should have done it that way. Ill-conceived rants like these are why this blog will never be even as cool as that faggot Skip Bayless. Well…ok not that low. Also, don’t forget, Joe Paterno would have gone ape shit on this and probably start blasting fools.

  10. Did you even read the entire article, if so, you’d realize that I mentioned that they would have had a better argument arguing that Oklahoma actually recovered the ball. But, hey, reading is fundamental and fundamental shit just gets in the way, right?

  11. Benny B. said:
  12. Benny B. said:

    I don’t recall a statement that says Oklahoma’s president complained only of the ten yards call. Show me that and you may have a point. I quote you here: “Now, do I think Oregon actually recovered the ball? I’m not sure. I thought so, but saw an angle today that made me think they didn’t actually get possession. However, the reality of both of these situations, no matter what side you’re on, is that they were close calls.” and here: “Because the only call that made a difference was the onside kick.” Prove me wrong by showing where you said something about possession being a better argument, but I don’t see it anywhere in your blog.

  13. I think this whole post was prompted by exactly what you said Ben, people “so quick to caustically attack any view opposing theirs before they even stop and think about what the reality of the situation is.” Neither Doug or I have a hard on for Oregon, and I don’t think we were trying to come out and say the refs got the calls a hundred percent right. What we took offense to was how irrational Sooners fans were reacting. They were calling for voiding the game, LAWSUITS and RIOTING. Yeah, exactly why we thought everyone might be overreacting a wee bit.
    On a broader note, Doug and I simply take this opportunity to write what we think. This isn’t a job, this isn’t even our biggest hobby, so yeah sometimes we probably write things that aren’t all the way thought throw, but I would say those are few and far between. Can you point out the instances you are referring to so that we can evaluate whether or not we need to change what we are putting out there? Or did you not even bother to read the rest of the site and base this conclusion on this one article? I realize it might be repetitive since we always write the same things, so I understand why you couldn’t be bothered to read it all.

  14. Benny B. said:

    Maybe you intended to place that statement in there. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

  15. Benny B. said:

    Well comparing anything badass to Oakley gets a little old

  16. Benny B. said:

    But…a lot of this blog is good. Obviously since I come read it. I just figure Brady Quinn’s girlfriend might need a little protection right now since he’s in his glass case of emotion.

  17. J said:

    Little Bobby Stoops is whining too. Bear Bryant always maintained that if bad calls could beat you, you didn’t deserve to win in the first place. Bob Stoops is no Bear Bryant. Stoops needs to focus his player’s attention on something useful, like learning to block and especially learning to tackle.

  18. Woody Paige had a great point the other day. This doesn’t in any way even mess up their National Chamionship hopes. Thats the beauty of College Football – the voters decide. If the voters from the AP and Coaches Poll think Oklahoma should have won, they have every right to vote accordingly as if Oklahoma won that game.

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