Daily Archives: September 20, 2006

A few weeks ago here on Joboo I wrote a column about players who I wanted to see back in the NFL (In honor of Jeff George). The following was written…

Morten Andersen

I defy anyone to come up with a good reason why Morten Andersen should not be in the league. Dude is Danish and was in the League forever. He never really needed to leave. He once stated he wanted to play the game until he was FIFTY and teams like the BROWNS and the LIONS consider themselves too good for this man? Please. Some team that starts the season 2-4 should man up and sign Morten.

By the way, FUCK Gary Anderson. He is one man we definitely do not need back.”

Well, the Atlanta Falcons have decided to man up and get it done as they have brought the FORTY-SIX year old Morten Andersen back into the fold in the A-T-L. Whatever fool the Falcons had the past two weeks clearly was not getting the damn thing done as he went 2 for 8. Thank you Falcons, this is a seriously wise move. The league needs more Morten.

Of his return, Morten told…”When I said that I wanted to kick until I was 50, no one said I couldn’t skip a year here or there. So I took last season off, right? Now I’m ready to go again. It’s going to be great.”

Do it up proper, Morten. Get your dollars.
The rest of the column In Honor of Jeff George is here.