Oriole fans are mad as hell…

While perusing DeadSpin.com today, saw a link to an Orioles Protest that is happening today. Near as I can tell, they plan on getting 10k people involved in this thing and want it to go down a bit like this…

4pm was game time…

We have sold more than 3,500 “fresh” tickets for the 9-21 FREE THE BIRDS rally in the past few weeks.We believe the team has sold about 12,000 additional seats for the game (it is a makeup game from earlier this season), many of which would’ve gone unused as they do most nights.”

Ok, we’ve now established our base. 3500 Oriole fans that plan on protesting the game and not representing half of the fans in the stadium on this night. Good to know where we start.

The best part about this is that they’re purchasing the cheapest seats possible, which if you’ve been to Camden Yards you realize the upper deck just isn’t getting on television or generally being noticed even by folks IN the stadium. The features of the ballpark don’t happen to be the seats these folks are buying.

They then go on to say how they will begin the game as NORMAL. Doing their Oriole cheers, whatever the hell those bastards do. I’ve been to a few Oriole games in my days, but rooted for the Phillies in one and the other involved the Yankees, which is a game that always will be an outlier for fan behavior patterns. Needless to say, I’m not sure what exactly they’re going to do at the ballpark, but it’s going to be normal Oriole rooting.

One difference: They don’t plan on buying anything.

“We ARE STRONGLY DISCOURAGING anyone from BUYING any food or beverage or concession INSIDE the park while we’re there! It is NOT AT ALL our goal to spend money with this ownership group!”

Kinda pissed that one away when you decided to try and purchase TEN THOUSAND extra Baltimore Orioles tickets, though, right? I mean, if this is a success, do you think Peter Angelos will give a damn? You’re also asking folks to bring their families, you think some father whose kid is tugging his arm all day for some frankfurter is going to think twice about this thing? Hell, I’m pretty sure if you spend more than an hour in Camden Yards without purchasing some of Boog’s Barbecue, you should be slapped in the face. To top it off, I’d imagine most of the folks willing to take part in this are going to need several of those plastic ass Miller Lite’s.

Now, that takes care of IN the ballpark. The saved the best for last though…

“At 5:08 — that’s 5 for Brooks and 8 for Cal — we’ll all peacefully proceed to the exits where we’ll depart and picket the exterior of Camden Yards until at least 6 p.m. — and just in time for the local newscast and the helicopters that survey downtown during the newscasts! The whole state and the baseball world should see how upset this community is about the current situation and state of Baltimore baseball.”

You’re such great fans you’re going to celebrate Cal “keep me in the lineup so I get this streak, so what if it hurts our playoff chances” Ripken? Please.

Aside from that, do you know what the news helicopters are going to get for a scene outside of the ballpark during their 6 O’Clock broadcast? People leaving a ballgame early and milling about downtown Baltimore trying to side which of the many awesome establishments they should go eat dinner at. If you really want to do a protest that would get the attention of folks, you stay at the yard until the game is over. The baseball world is expected to stand up and take notice of Oriole fans leaving an Oriole game EARLY?

Please. You want to know why the Orioles can’t win? Because right now they’re in a division with the Yankees and the Red Sox. The O’s should take note of what they’re doing down in Florida. Hell, most teams should do that. But, they’re not going to out pay the Yankees, Sox and even the Jays now, are they? It’s a pretty rough spot for the franchise to be because the Sox and Yankees will do whatever to win and if 4 teams are overpaying for players in one division, the Sox/Yankees right now will still win out because the players want to go to those places.

Just hope to beat the Nats.

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