the Champ refuses to Fold

Time sure does fly. Thursday is back, and I can’t wait for poker tonight. Rumor has it that the Champ is been practicing up on his Omaha Hi/Lo skills (a bit more than on his crazy prediction skills). A certain team from the Windy City hurt me once again. However, many of the other picks continue to shape up (except for that Lions winning the division thing). Michigan is looking solid in the Big Ten, and the Tigers still have their lead in the AL Central. Samkon Gado is still waiting to shine, but LT is well on his way. Kurt needs a big week, and so does Reggie Brown. Anyway, we’ll have plenty of time to dissect my past picks in future columns, so let’s get right down to business. Here are five more bold predictions to take straight to Vegas:

1. Jeff Fisher will be the first NFL coach to be fired this year (before Art Shell)

Jeff Fisher has been the Head Coach of the Titans for over a decade now, and to my knowledge only two current NFL Head Coaches have longer tenures with their teams (Bill Cowher and Mike Shanahan). I’m saying here its all over. Fisher will be the first Head Coach fired this year. Art Shell seems to be the popular lead candidate in that campaign so far, but I think Fisher is on thinner ice. Tennesse is just terrible, and they need a fresh start.

2. Central Michigan University will obliterate the line in Saturday’s Eastern Michigan game

As of press time, the official line in this Saturday’s CMU v. EMU rivalry football game is CMU by 4.5. My prediction is that they blow that apart by at least ten additional points. The Champ’s new line for this game is CMU by 14.5, and my bold prediction is that they cover. These are two programs going in opposite directions, and CMU has a legitimate shot to win the MAC West this year. Eastern, on the other hand, has a legitimate shot to compete with Temple in the NCAA D-1 futility bowl. I won’t throw out a final score, but I say they cover this one by at least 10 over the line.

3. MSU to beat Notre Dame Saturday

Sorry, Lance. MSU has won 7 of the last 9 meetings against the Irish, and this year won’t be any different. Usually MSU beats up on them after they come in on a high note after a UM victory. This year will be even easier as they come in low as can be after being beaten down like a dog against UM. Look for a flag to be implanted into center field at Spartan Stadium Saturday night, and let me tell you, there won’t be any gold or blue on it. Let’s just hope that Charlie Weiss’ heart can handle it.

Editor’s Note: I apologize for this motherfucker talking about NASCAR. Shit won’t happen again…we hope.

4. Matt Kenseth comes back and wins the Nascar Nextel Cup Championship

Right now he is in third place (behind Kevin Harvick, and Denny Hamlin), and there are nine races to go. I say he makes the comeback and wins the Championship in November. I realize many of the current Joboo readers probably aren’t big Nascar fans, but you see, I have a vision for Joboo to expand to new markets. If you appreciate Nascar stuff, post a comment, and I’ll keep it coming. If not, then don’t and I won’t bore you in the future. Nascar has a special place in my heart though, and I believe the Chase for the Cup is one of the most exciting playoffs in sports. Matt Kenseth will make a comeback and get it done this year.

Editor’s Note: I apologize for this motherfucker talking about High School Football. Shit won’t happen again…we hope.

5. The Brighton Bulldogs will upset the Milford Mavericks tomorrow night

I promise I won’t get into high school football much in this column, but this is a big one in Southeastern Michigan, and the Kensington Valley Conference. Both of these teams have been traditional powerhouses, but Milford is the favored team this year. My prediction is that my beloved Brighton gets it done at home. But before people start complaining that this is a high school football game that I am making a bold prediction for, let me leave you with this thought: The average attendance for Brighton home football games beats that of the Florida Marlins. (and I’m sure several NHL teams, but I don’t have time for that research right now).

Well, those are the five. They might not be as bold as some of the previous weeks, but let’s be honest here – it can be hard to come up with five every week that are bold and yet achievable at the same time. I firmly believe all five of these will come true, but only the test of time will tell. Continuing on the tradition I started last week, I will leave you with a special 6th bonus prediction: the Champ wins Omaha Hi-Lo tonight.

  1. lancer said:

    Ok, I can manage to pst the Nascar prediction. Apparently people actually like that sport, I am yet to figure out why. On the other hand, 1% of the readers know who the Brighton Bulldogs and the Milford Mavericks are. Furthermore 0% actually care who wins the game.

    I think Jeff Fisher ha complete immunity from being fired still residing from the kickoff return against the Bills.

  2. 1. As far as coaches are concerned, don’t be surprised if Chucky is on the block if his team keeps playing bad but i see Art Shell being the first to go.

    2. Who cares about MAC games, at least they are better than Nascar.

    3. I too think MSU will beat the Irish while they are down because, well they are the fucking Irish. They fake punt when up by 3 scores just to be dicks, so i hope MSU puts a big hurt on them fools.

    4. whoa, i’m pretty sure no one gives a fuck about hillbilly Nascar racing. The drivers can’t even make a right handed corner, if you are going to discuss racing at least make it Formula 1 or motorcycle racing.

    5. I don’t know much about either team but will give Brighton the nod on this game, after all, they are at home.

  3. The Music City Miracle is a thing of the past. His immunity from that ran out about two years ago. Ever since he has been hanging on by a thread, and that thread is about to be cut loose.

    I understand the high school football prediction was an obscure one, but its fun to do obscure ones once in a while. I’m not starting some sort of trend here, but like I said, what’s wrong with a fun prediction once in a while?

  4. Whoa, hillbilly Nascar? Who cares about it? Nascar is the #1 sport in America right now. Its American viewing audience makes F1’s look like a Florida Marlins baseball game.

  5. Please, shut up with that same, tired, WRONG argument that NASCAR is the #1 sport in America right now. Please. It’s wrong. First off, they (Nascar) even only claim to be #2 behind football. But the bottomline is that Nascar goes down once a week for their huge ratings. Baseball is EVERY day. Of course one Nascar broadcast is going to trump one baseball broadcast. Just Google TV ratings. Baseball even averages better than Nascar on the FOX broadcasts compared to the Nascar average, and that counts only a SMALL portion of the baseball audience.

    Nascar looks like it has a HUGE audience because of how it is set up. That’s all.

  6. OK, I exagerated with the claim they are No.1. They aren’t. However, they CLEARLY have a bigger American audience than Forumula One. More people also clearly care about Nascar than the NHL, so Shawn, if you say you’re pretty sure nobody cares about Nascar, then even less than “nobody” cares about the NHL. Nascar also arguably has more fan support than the NBA.

  7. lancer said:

    I will agree with the champ there. The NHL is by far the worst professional sport. This is not because of the game, it is because of several factors:

    1) Seems like every team makes the playoffs making the Regular Season worthless
    2) They do not promote individuals
    3) All that is required is a team get a hot goalie in the playoffs and they will win the cup.

  8. Its just not a question of how many people watch something or care about it here at Joboo. We tend to like to keep things a little more about sports here, and anytime the terms restrictor plates and horsepower gets involved I have a tough time separating how much is the driver and how much is the car. So, that being said, regardless of how many drunk people wearing wife beaters get together to watch things going around in a circle, but secretly only watch wishing that there will be a horrific crash, NASCAR probably isn’t our choosen realm around here.

  9. I understand that, and did it as an obsecure pick. It won’t be in future columns. I was just refuting Shawn’s claim that he was pretty sure “nobody cared about it”. That statement clearly isn’t correct.

  10. Axel Geist said:

    Okay so im suprised that u picked brighton over milford. Brighton absolutly SUCKS this year. o and i got back from the game tonite. We got DESTROYED! it was like 36-14 or something.
    and for the future, dont ever pick brighton to win another gane this year, because with the way its looking, we wont win any more games this year. i cant say too much about the other ones.

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