Stone Cold Locks of the Week (1-5)

Well this is the time it all turns around. It appears my job is in jeopardy and it is time to bring in my A game.

Editor’s Note: Click read more if you really, really want to. I mean, these locks are 1-5 in two weeks. So, uh, take these at your own peril. Also, in the interest of full disclosure, in informing me that his picks were in, Lance told me, “not confident about steelers one”, this could be an interesting week to say the least…

1) The Falcons will cover the Saints. Saints are getting 3.5.
Well this is a Monday night game and the first home game for the Saints, and thus will encompass a lot of emotion. However, Vick has looked great and I expect the Saints to get smoked. I mean the Saints almost lost to the Packers, and the Packers blow more balls than The Champ on his last spring break trip.

2) Seattle over New York. New York is given 3.5.
People are quick to forget that this Seattle team represented the NFC in the superbowl. Furthermore, the media always builds a New York team higher than what they really are.

3) Cincinnati over Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is favored by 2
Cincinnati has looked spectacular and I still expect Ben to look similar to Doherty after a late night with Doug. He was unable to move in the pocket and looked in pain the entire game. This is a big chance for Cincinnati to make a statement and I believe they will. Could the Steelers be (1-2)?

To save the editors some time: Lancer is a man among boys, his intelligence is comparable to the most famous scholars of our history. However, sometimes all the intelligence does now mean the football teams will follow the logic and the picks will be correct. Thus, none of his picks present any liability to the author, or editors of the site. In other words, bet at your own risk.

  1. I like 2 of the 3 of these. No way is Seattle going to cover the Giants though. Not a chance. The other two look pretty solid.

  2. BTW, why didn’t you go with Baltimore to cover against the Browns? To me that seems like the lock of the year.

  3. lancer said:

    I was throwing my competition a bone, since I picked first.

  4. The Champ and Lance arguing pick selections will likely be eerily similar to the Lions v. Packers game this weekend…

  5. I agree with Seattle over Giants. People also forget (especially in NY) that the Giants were beat so bad in Philadelphia, that the Eagles nodded off. Under no circumstances should the Giants have won that game, they surely did not earn it.

    Pittsburgh is a well coached team, and well coached teams usually bounce back after a loss. And they are at home. I like Cinci but i think Pitt bounces back.

    The falcons will win. People hype homefield advantage up too much. Unless the crowd is protecting drew brees the Saints do not stand a chance.

  6. i’ve learned that teams wearing green have a knack for blowing 4th quarter leads. First the Eagles and now Michigan State. I don’t know what will happen in the NY/Seattle game because both teams have ugly wins.

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