College Football Saturday

If you love The Champ’s bold predictions column at this blog, and were dissapointed that The Champ included NASCAR and HS Football predictions this week, well, he just dropped this one on me: Michigan hangs 40 on Wisconsin. Yeah, OK, even if he doesn’t like the Wisconsin defense, I’m pretty sure John Stocco’s ability to hand off the football will have something to say about that prediction.

Some quick takes on the rest of the day’s action after the link.

The big game tonight, for those who run this blog at least, sees the Notre Dame Fighting Irish coming into East Lansing to take on the Michigan State Spartans. This game is simple for MSU, if it’s a shoot out, you’ve got a chance to win. If the Michigan game clued Notre Dame into fixable defensive weaknesses, then it could be a long night for the Spartans. However, I doubt it did and this one winds up as the shootout the Spartans need it to be to have any chance. I don’t like hyping Drew Stanton much, but he’s a better QB than Brady Quinn right now.

A bunch of dud Top 25 match-ups from the looks of it. Clemson shouldn’t have problems from the Tar Heels, same with Louisville and K-State even without The ‘Ville’s top two players. Iowa and Illinois is at least in Champaign, so maybe the Illini will move the ball across midfield.

Cal and Arizona State meet today in a game I concededly don’t have a damn clue about. Chalk it up to West Coast Bias, I don’t mind. But, I guess it’s a match-up to see which team might give USC a run, but probably lose big.

Penn State travels to the Horseshoe in Columbus. I’d love to see Penn State pull the upset, but I just don’t see it happening. Penn State recently has always played above their pay grade against the Buckeyes, so I mean, there is always hope. It really just comes down to whether or not Anthony Morelli aged a season in one game (the Notre Dame debacle). Otherwise, yeah, trouble.

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