Someone’s gotta say it…

Drew Stanton for Heisman.

  1. Fucking 10-22, 113 yards, 2 td’s and 2 int’s. But Brady Quinn mananged to get 5 td’s and only 1 pick. I can’t fucking believe i stayed through the fucking rain for that.

    If John L Smith isn’t dead by tomorrow morning, something is wrong with the world.

  2. Benny B. said:

    Damn right, primetime.

  3. lancer said:

    Well Shawn at least you didn’t leave in the third quarter pissed off and miss the rest of the game.

  4. Who is the worst coach in college football? Despite how much I would LOVE to say its not John L. Smith, it absolutely is. So many places this game could have been not lost, I wasn’t even expecting him to win it for the Spartans. . . all he had to do was not lose. Hey where was that running back that was running over people for ten yards a pop? Why tone the offense down that much? I’m all for killing clock, but last time I checked you have to move the chains to keep the ball, and thus keep the clock running without Notre Dame getting lucky on numerous plays. I also know that Jeff Smardjza is a good reciever, but how do you not press him at the line? If he is open on every 8 yard slant you might want to think about bumping him and floating the safety. The only way I can describe that game is utter disbelief. I’m glad that I’m not really a Spartan’s fan, because if I was I would have to say that lose would have made me physically ill. Here’s the first vote for John L. Smith. . .MAC Coach of the Year 2007-2008.

  5. Spence said:

    Stanton lost the game. I’ve never seen a 5th year quarterback roll out, have nothing, then throw a dumbass pass or put the ball in play. It was like if they needed to kill the clock, he chucks it out of bounds, and if they need time, he takes the sack. What. The. Fuck. That screen was ridiculous. He knew ND had read it, he KNEW it wasn’t there, but he wings the ball into linebacker central and, oh what a fucking shock, MSU loses. Unreal.

    Any halfway competent quarterback makes the easy decisions there and protects the ball and clock. Stanton doesn’t deserve to start, but he does deserve the heisman.

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