Here at Joboo we’ve really not been able to hide our disdain for Notre Dame, and the recent win over the Spartans in East Lansing has only brought that to a head. At the tailgate prior to the game I saw numerous people wearing THE 2006 Notre Dame shirt, and really the only words I could make out was “Notre Dame” and “Tradition”. That got me thinking. . . what exactly is the Notre Dame tradition they always keep talking about? I’m sure that different people have different ideas, and there may not even be one answer but in an attempt to clarify this for us, the uninitiated masses not privileged enough enough to be Notre Dame fans (tongue firmly planted in cheek), I’m asking our viewers to let us know what this “tradition” means. I want everyone to give a one or two sentence, think something that Notre Dame could put on their 2007 T-Shirt, that describes what Notre Dame tradition means to YOU. Whether you love them or HATE them let us know what you think.


  2. Kevin said:

    Notre Dame 2007: Tradition – If you don’t think so, Charlie Weis will eat you…

  3. Notre Dame 2007-2008. Football. Tradition. Making respectable ancient Irish teams spin in their graves with our unearned cockyness.

  4. Spence said:

    Notre Dame Tradition: Overhyping white players and coaches for 100 years.

  5. arleen said:

    Another notre Dame hatter – man there are lot’s of these blogging. Here are my points:

    1. 11 national titles – more than any other school.
    2. 7 Heisman winners – tied with USC for most ever.
    3. 95 concensus all americans.
    4. knute rockne has an .881 winning % over 13 years – best ever. won 6 national titles.

    should be a decent start. dare anyone to find such a list for the michigan state spartans.

  6. Good job making irrelevant points. I especially love the last line, daring anyone to find such a list for the Spartans when they know full well that one doesn’t exist. Which kind of shows the point of this whole thing and why people dislike Notre Dame football. You clearly just don’t get it.

    This isn’t a thread arguing the merits of Notre Dame, so coming in and pointing out the merits is futile.

    You need to take a second to take a step back and look at why people dislike Notre Dame through all of this rich tradition. It’s not simply the winning, it’s how they carry themselves. Again, just look no further than your comments here.

  7. arleen said:

    Doug – the question posed was: “what exactly is the Notre Dame tradition they always keep talking about?”. The 4 items I mention were answers to that quesion.

    This thread isn’t at all about why people dislike Notre Dame, it’s about what this “Notre Dame” tradition is. I think the author will even make mention of that.

    Regardless, disliking Notre Dame is fine. Disliking it’s fans is also fine. Hi-jacking the thread to make a clearly emotional point isn’t really fine. Your point has been taken though – you are not a Notre Dame fan.

  8. “dare anyone to find such a list for the michigan state spartans.”

    Is more along the lines of what I was talking about. That and, your point wasn’t a slogan, which is what the original question was. You came in, decided to brag, rather than drop the tradition slogan and then chime in with a “HEY THE SPARTANS HAVEN’T DONE THAT” is just silly.

    By the way, if you think I hi-jacked the thread to make a clearly emotional point…you clearly weren’t privy to when Doherty told me he was making this thread.

  9. lancer said:

    I just don’t understand where you get this notion that ND fans carry themselves so poorly. I mean every school has their jackass of fans, but I would say the University itself shows complete class.

    I am also not going to be ignorant and think that ND runs a completely clean program, because I don’t think any school can protect it’s players from boosters. However, there has been no claims of paying players that I myself have heard of. I point to two controversies that I remember at ND.

    Bob Davy firing his offensive lines coach because “he is to old.” I am not an expert on labor law, but there seems to be a violation there.

    Hiring George O’Leary (no idea on spelling, not worth looking up).

    Notre Dame has also dismissed players such as Randy Moss for not making the grades, while programs like Ohio State never made Clarrett attend one class. I mean if we are giong to compare the Spartans to the Irish with tradition, I refer you to “Smoke Green, Blow White,” but I don’t think this was the premise of the article.

    My sentence about Notre Dame, “Notre Dame, a constant reminder of class.”

  10. arleen said:

    doug – i’m not going to get into a pissing match with you. youre right…the last comment about the spartans was unnecessary. as for the other items i stand by them. i enjoy this blog and what it said here so ill just move on to the next topic.

  11. Tom an irishman said:

    Notre Dame is better because these are college athletes and at notre dame they tend to actually graduate. Unlike USC where players like OJ write books on IF he did it. haha. or umm maybe cause we dont break every single recruiting rule ever written in the NCAA. Reggie Bush good job what will be the next investigation?

  12. Tom an irishman said:

    the tradition is not being such a dueche bag like yourself.

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