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Yes, folks, here I am, Roy Williams, coming to you at the Joboo blog. Now, some of ya’ll might be wondering why I need to come to this blog to put folks about the information. And it’s a good question. Reality is that if Roy Williams started his own blog, the amount of hits would be astronomical and without a doubt computer breaking. Even if the hit counter reads 100, you know I’ve got the potential to break down 100k plus.

First off, to all the sayers-nay, doing their thing, you seen Peter King breaking news on Chris Simms all night? Now you want to try and say the Lions going to come in last? Going to be the only 0 for 16 squad? Please, Ya’ll can kiss Roy’s ass on that. Prediction: I ain’t gonna lose my damn spleen.

Hell yes that is a guarantee.

Now, I’m not here just to guarantee victory against the St. Louis Rams this week, I’m here for a purpose. You know ESPN Classic. Of course you do. This is like a written version of ESPN Classic. Seein’ games through the eyes of Roy Williams. Tonight, I take a look back at the Rose Bowl to end last season’s college football season.

I take the time to reflect on USCs 52 – 33 win over the Texas Longhorns. An epic game, I hope I can do it justice.

The first thing you have to realize is that you can not stop that Trojans offense when they are clicking on multiple cylinders. To his credit, Texas Longhorns quarterback Vince Young just refused to go away in this one. He had a ton of heart, and even though he found himself trailing 52-33 with less than 30 seconds to go, he poured it all out and left it all out on the field.

It was a fourth down and 5 situation with the ball at the 8. The game was out of reach, because you can’t stop a team like the Trojans. But, Vince Young took off from the eight yard line. He made a dash for the goal line and looked like he was about to get there, but, do you realize that the USC Trojan linebackers are some of the best to ever play this game? No one can do anything to take them down as they dive in to make the tackle on Vince Young.

Time runs out and the Trojans hold on to win this one, even though Young’s touchdown would not have been more than a formality, he would have been able to celebrate it a good deal. Honestly, at the end of the night, if Young could have gotten one more celebration in under his belt, things probably would have been much better for the man. He seems to carry this bitterness with him now. Really, though, it was a nice run and the Trojans just stepped up to stop him. Doesn’t mean HE played bad or made a bad play. He should have taken his helmet off and hit a dance move anyway, does the score really matter?

With the win, the Trojans extended their ridiculous winning streak to 35 games.

What I want to talk about now are some key plays in this one. In the first half, USC star Reggie Bush broke free and was in the open field. All of a sudden, the Longhorns stepped up to make the tackle on Bush…so, get this…Bush LATERALS the ball to his teammate! Bush lays a perfect pitch on his teammate, they scoot into the end zone and the Trojans are rolling.

Here’s something that really surprised me: where was Texas superfan Matthew McConaughey on this one? I would have expected to see him on the sidelines wearing the burnt orange and doing the hook ‘em horns hand signal.

The play of the game no doubt was when Carroll iced the game. With the score sitting at 45-33 with two minutes and nine seconds left, Carroll was faced with decision time. And what a decision he wound up making in this one. Fourth and TWO yards to go near mid-field. If they don’t get there, you potentially let the Longhorns back into the game. Carroll has Leinart play fake to LenDale White and now, can you really STOP Matt Leinart when he is the best player on the field?

I don’t think so. Only Matt Leinart can stop Matt Leinart. Play action, roll out, pass to Dwayne Jarrett and he is WIDE OPEN. Awesome play call, touchdown Trojans to go up by what would ultimately be the final score of 52-33.

Amazing game, one of the best I have ever witnessed in my years of watching games. Watching Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart striking dual Heisman poses after the game was certainly fitting.

Reggie, what a nice kid he is. A rep from Nike tried to give him 10 grand in cash after this one and the kid turned it down! Just a complete class act. Some chick on the USC ladies hoops team was so enamored with Matt Leinart’s performance that she asked him to assist her in the child birthing process, but Matt simply shrugged her off and told her that true love waits.

USC Trojans…three-peat National Champions…Roy Williams salutes you!

I’ll be back next week to take you folks through another epic sporting event! Guaranteed!

  1. Hey, in Roy’s world, the score doesn’t matter.

    And when the score doesn’t matter, we have to look at the 40 or so points that could have mattered.

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