The Bengals defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday afternoon and one of the star’s from the game spent his evening throwing up out of the window of an SUV while pulled over by the Cincinnati police.


According to the Cincinnati Enquirer suspended for substance abuse violations linebacker Odell Thurman was driving wide receivers Chris Henry and Reggie McNeal around the streets of Cincy early in the morning Monday. Late night for dey, but hey, you beat the Steelers, you go to 3-0, you party down.

Here’s the bulk of what you need to know:

“Thurman was driving with at least two teammates in a 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe when he was stopped by police in the East End at 3:05 a.m. The vehicle is owned by Bengals rookie wide receiver Reggie McNeal, who was a passenger, said a source at the scene. Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry was a passenger and threw up out a window of the vehicle. Neither McNeal nor Henry was cited or charged.”
Chris Henry just got done catching two TDs and being added to my fantasy team, man has reason to party down. Can’t we just be thankful that there weren’t weapons involved? Can’t we just thank the cops for not finding some reason to arrest Henry for a fifth time in less than a year?

The real story in this is that Thurman, who blew a .17 – which they call “high tier” in Cincy I guess – was driving for McNeal and Henry because he was the most sober. Head coach Marvin Lewis said of all this, “I am not pleased. This is not right.” Please, did you want Henry driving them home? McNeal is a rookie, so his drunk ass ain’t driving. Henry needs to blow into a breathlyzer before he can even start his car these days, so it’s only natural that they’d have a non-Chris Henry vehicle. Or else we’d see Bengals in a parking lot huddled around the car going “lemme get a try now dog, been suckin’ on this copper penny, I got this shit” for an hour before getting it started. Stone Cold Locks guru Lance said it best when he told me, “god can’t the cops show their gratitude for responsibility?”

But, seriously, Lewis should have started the press conference with a light joke…you’ve got two Bengals in a car celebrating a victory over a division rival. Who’s driving? The cop.



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