Is it wrong…

That I see this ESPN story about the Washington Nats train derailing and I’m slightly dissapointed that none of them got hurt? I mean, I’m not wishing death for them and I’m not even asking for serious injury. Just temporary headaches or something that Advil isn’t working for. Maybe a wrist sprain or something. I mean, they’re playing the Phillies tonight in the first of a three game series and I need some Phillies wins. This isn’t wrong, is it? Nothing serious, just keep a couple top Nats out of a lineup for a couple days.

That’s not wrong, right? That’s pennant race baseball, right?

As an aside, how long did it take to convince Soriano that they were taking a train back from NY? It was hard enough getting the man to move to Left, I can’t imagine this was easy. Maybe the Bengals should try it, though, you know, get more liquids in them during their travels back home.

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