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He just has the dumbest publicist in the World…at the very least.

So, if what Owens says at his press conference is true (he didn’t try to kill himself, had the other pills in drawers, etc.) and I have no reason to doubt Owens, then basically his publicist blew this entire thing out of proportion. Honestly, I can’t blame her, it was likely a rapid situation and she likely had no clue what is going on.

However, she is saying that Owens didn’t say the depression thing and denying what she said about taking pills out of his mouth. Which is just weird. Essentially, she pinned the thing on police and rescue personnel that took her statement. She decided to not go with the “he was incoherent” route, just the “that definitively didn’t happen” route. Makes no sense. She pinned blame for this situation on who Owens is.

She also said…“he has 25 million reasons not to kill himself”…worst publicist ever. Yeah, the hell with the family people thought he might have left behind, it’s about the dollars.

    Looks like at this point the appropriate answer is back at his home.  Unless you are kicking it in a cave going through Osama’s belongings and trying to make sense of an Arabic will, you’ve probably heard that Terrell Owens tried to kill himself last night by overdosing on pain medication.  Doug has already weighed in on the similarities between T.O. and the Cardinals, but for me the main difference is that if the Cardinals do die and don’t make the playoffs I’ll be ecstatic, but if T.O. dies my life will probably be effected in no significant manner.  But in the interest of playing both sides of the issue I’m going to offer a completely plausible explanation for T.O.’s hospital trip other than him trying to kill himself.  It’s probably not what actually happened, but if ESPN can speculate out their asses why can’t I? Read More

A week ago, Terrell Owens just had a finger injury and an ego.

A week ago, the St. Louis Cardinals had an 8 and a half game lead in the NL Central.

Last night, they both decided the hell with that and emerge this morning as a mental whack job and a team with a 1 1/2 game lead.

Terrell Owens attempted general suicide and the Cardinals, well, they’re just not giving a damn about making the playoffs. One of the two drowned their sorrows with 35 pain pills. That, was Owens. The Cardinals just can’t beat anybody right now.

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