So, Owens didn’t go St. Louis Cardinals on us…

He just has the dumbest publicist in the World…at the very least.

So, if what Owens says at his press conference is true (he didn’t try to kill himself, had the other pills in drawers, etc.) and I have no reason to doubt Owens, then basically his publicist blew this entire thing out of proportion. Honestly, I can’t blame her, it was likely a rapid situation and she likely had no clue what is going on.

However, she is saying that Owens didn’t say the depression thing and denying what she said about taking pills out of his mouth. Which is just weird. Essentially, she pinned the thing on police and rescue personnel that took her statement. She decided to not go with the “he was incoherent” route, just the “that definitively didn’t happen” route. Makes no sense. She pinned blame for this situation on who Owens is.

She also said…“he has 25 million reasons not to kill himself”…worst publicist ever. Yeah, the hell with the family people thought he might have left behind, it’s about the dollars.

  1. lancer said:

    Yeah this lady come accross as the biggest bitch. I loved with the reporter said something like “You know these officers statements are sworn in right?” Yeah these cops just felt like throwing their repuration under the bus to get Owens. I give it another week until the race card is pulled.

  2. Not sure how the race card fits into this, but that woman is a moron. T.O. already said something like “I wasn’t all there when they were asking me questions” so that is a pretty good out if you ask me, rather than expecting everyone to buy that a number of cops and paramedics are lying. I think a big part of this is probably that she doesn’t want to admit that she fucked up. Even if she was worried about T.O. and needed to call for help she let her mouth run wild and said a lot of shit she didn’t have to, and especially as a publicist should have known was going to bite her client in the ass. Something tells me she’ll be collecting unemployment in the not too distant future.

  3. lancer said:

    Well I do believe she pulled the pills out of his mouth and did save his life by calling an ambulance, so unemployment may be a rush. You know when your not doing a good job though when T.O. has to come back to thank the police and fire rescue because your publicist just called them liars. However, a very suprising good move for Owens when he did thank them.

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