Terrell Owens and the St. Louis Cardinals had something in common last night

A week ago, Terrell Owens just had a finger injury and an ego.

A week ago, the St. Louis Cardinals had an 8 and a half game lead in the NL Central.

Last night, they both decided the hell with that and emerge this morning as a mental whack job and a team with a 1 1/2 game lead.

Terrell Owens attempted general suicide and the Cardinals, well, they’re just not giving a damn about making the playoffs. One of the two drowned their sorrows with 35 pain pills. That, was Owens. The Cardinals just can’t beat anybody right now.

Terrell Owens is a bit loopy. Long rumored, now confirmed. It’s a shame, really, that the man can go from bitching about money and petty things to trying to kill himself because he is depressed. I’m sure the man has a mirror in his house, might want to look into it on occasion.

I don’t want to sound callous to the situation of a man that tried to drown himself in 35 pills, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if he continues to play football. Maybe even play this season. I don’t know a whole lot about depression, but maybe Owens should just take whatever money he’s getting and not give a damn about anything else? Ok, so you don’t like saying hello to your offensive co-ordinator when you see him in the halls of the Eagles practice facilities, but for your own sanity, maybe force it on occasion. How do you go from holding out and not honoring a contract because you need to feed your family to just not giving a damn about your family and wanting to check out for good?

I really don’t know what to say about Owens, at least it was unsuccessful is about all I can say. I’m sure Roy Williams will come through here next week with another “Roy Williams Presents” and tell us how Owens could have killed himself, had he just allowed the pills to work, though.

As an Eagles fan, I was annoyed by Owens, but unlike a lot of Eagles fans, never really had a genuine dislike for him. He has always seemed like an intelligent, but troubled in an immature way, type of person. Couple that with completely not being able to handle being a star and I guess you’ve got this. It’s either over the top or pull away because there has been no in between with the man. I do hope Owens can pull himself up from this and get on with his life…because the hell with his football career. He’s said in the past that he only plays football because he is good at it and wants the money. Well, take the money and run into seclusion, because this spotlight? It’s not doing well for you.

Now, as for the other patient in the suicide ward last night…

I really hope they continue to commit suicide. I really don’t want to see the Cardinals in the playoffs. Mainly because it would be absolutely hilarious, but also because I’ve disliked them for a long time. They had an 8 1/2 game lead. Now, they’ve lost 7 in a row, while Houston has won 7 in a row. It’s hilarious, really. Albert Pujols for MVP? Not so much. They still have the advantage, but 1.5 games is really nothing. The hell with them, go Astros.

As a footnote to this Owens thing, here’s the Yahoo! sports fantasy update for Owens…

Advice: Owens wasn’t expected to play this Sunday against Tennessee and may be out for quite awhile as the Cowboys attempt to figure out why the receiver would attempt suicide. He had no history of this type of problem.

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