Daily Archives: September 29, 2006

As NBA Jams would say “He’s Heating Up.”

1) Minnesota over Buffalo. Minnesota is getting 1
I know a home team gets a few points, but we are still talking about the Bills. I home team usually gets about 3 points for being at home, but it isn’t even snowing in Buffalo yet. Minnesota just barely lost to Chicago, and are apparently a good team with this new offensive line. Buffalo is not as bad as everyone expected, but I think they are a few years behind the Vikings.

2) Cincinnati over the Pats. Pats are getting 6
I am going to continue to ride the Cincinnati wagon even though I dislike them because I am constantly killed by Carson Palmer in my fantasy football leagues. but, i mean they just went into Pit and beat them by 8, and I would have to think the Steelers are better than the Patriots, especially after the horible display at home on a Monday Night game.

3)Wisconsin over Indiana. Indiana is getting 11
I hate picking college teams because they seem to be so unreliable from week to week, but I like this line. The Badgers will rebound after a tough lost in Michigan and will stomp on Indiana.

Okay, so I took some heat on last week’s column with the whole high school football and Nascar thing. I was pretty much told that I am never allowed to talk about high school football or Nascar ever again on Joboo. Because of those two predictions last week, and because of the fact that my column is a day late, I am pleasuring the readers with 7 bold predictions this week instead of the traditional five.

            This week’s bold predictions deal with forecasting the MLB playoffs. Why is this bold, you might ask? Well I have two answers to that. 1) the playoff matchups haven’t even been set yet, and 2) I have the Tigers winning the World Series. Hopefully that is BOLD enough for you. Without further ado,

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