Stone Cold Locks of the Week (3-6)

As NBA Jams would say “He’s Heating Up.”

1) Minnesota over Buffalo. Minnesota is getting 1
I know a home team gets a few points, but we are still talking about the Bills. I home team usually gets about 3 points for being at home, but it isn’t even snowing in Buffalo yet. Minnesota just barely lost to Chicago, and are apparently a good team with this new offensive line. Buffalo is not as bad as everyone expected, but I think they are a few years behind the Vikings.

2) Cincinnati over the Pats. Pats are getting 6
I am going to continue to ride the Cincinnati wagon even though I dislike them because I am constantly killed by Carson Palmer in my fantasy football leagues. but, i mean they just went into Pit and beat them by 8, and I would have to think the Steelers are better than the Patriots, especially after the horible display at home on a Monday Night game.

3)Wisconsin over Indiana. Indiana is getting 11
I hate picking college teams because they seem to be so unreliable from week to week, but I like this line. The Badgers will rebound after a tough lost in Michigan and will stomp on Indiana.

  1. I like the Wisconsin pick, they should run over the Hoosiers, really surprised that line isn’t double that.

    The Minnesota pick looks good, but you just never know with Buffalo. The Bills are an unpredicatable team.

    The Bengals one looks alright, but don’t count the Pats out yet. I think they might surprise some people in that game.

  2. I’m kicking myself for not putting money on that Wisconsin pick. 52-0 in the 3rd Quarter.

  3. lance might actually go 3-0 this week, which given the games he chose; it’s not surprising. I guess Lance has given up on taking somewhat difficult picks or even average picks instead opting for the shoe-in pics.

  4. Shawn,

    I mean it is the Stone Cold Locks of the Week.

    If I were picking them, I would go for the shoe-ins as well.

    Why pick a difficult game as a stone cold lock of the week?

    The bottom line is that there is no shoe-in in football. The lines take care of that….

  5. i stand corrected champ as the man still only went 1-2 this week.

  6. I’m just impressed Shawn didn’t make the obligatory “He’s heating up”=flaming reference. Although i may now regret pointing it out.

  7. arleen said:

    Never pick an NFC North team on the road…you’ll lose that one every time. Including tonight when the Packers play the Eagles and are 11 point dogs.

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