The Champ is a day late, but certainly not a dollar short

Okay, so I took some heat on last week’s column with the whole high school football and Nascar thing. I was pretty much told that I am never allowed to talk about high school football or Nascar ever again on Joboo. Because of those two predictions last week, and because of the fact that my column is a day late, I am pleasuring the readers with 7 bold predictions this week instead of the traditional five.

            This week’s bold predictions deal with forecasting the MLB playoffs. Why is this bold, you might ask? Well I have two answers to that. 1) the playoff matchups haven’t even been set yet, and 2) I have the Tigers winning the World Series. Hopefully that is BOLD enough for you. Without further ado,


1)         AL Divisional #1: Detroit Tigers over Oakland A’s

   I think the Tigers will hang on and win the Central. They have the tiebreaker over the Twins as they won the regular season series against them, so the control is in their hands. All they need to do is beat the Royals three more times, and they are set. They obviously like a matchup against the A’s more than they would a playoff series with the Yankees. Well, they’ll get the A’s, and their pitching will get them through it.


2)         AL Divisional #2: Minnesota Twins over N.Y. Yankees

            I think that, if there is any American League team right now that matches up well against the Yankees, it has to be the Twins. This series will be a tough one, most likely one that goes the full five games. Heck, I’d be shocked if it didn’t go the full five games. But I think the Twins can grind this one out, even though the Yanks do have the home field advantage.


3)         NL Divisional #1: N.Y. Mets over L.A. Dodgers

I admit that I am an avid American League fan, and don’t tend to follow the National League so much. So, I won’t pretend to be an expert on National League baseball. However, I know the Mets are a good team. Even without Pedro, their pitching seems pretty solid. From the looks of it, the Dodgers seem to be in the best spot to grab the Wild Card. The Phillies made a good consistent run at it, but that loss last night to the Nat’s really hurt them. I think the Dodgers take the Wild Card, and then lose to the Mets.


4)         NL Divisional #2: Houston Astros over San Diego Padres

            This is one that would have really looked bold two weeks ago, but looks pretty realistic right now. Of course the Dodgers might leapfrog the Padres and get the division, but I think the Padres should be able to hold them off. The big story, though, is the Astros 9-game winning streak that just so happened to coincide with the Cardinals epic disastrous collapse. I think Roger Clemens has a little bit of playoff baseball left in him, and I don’t think it will be limited to just one round.


5)         ALCS: Detroit Tigers over Minnesota Twins

            This is the best case scenario the Tigers can hope for. If they get the Yankees here, they are in trouble. However, they matchup well against those pesky Twins. The Tigers won the regular season series against them, and pretty much made them look like fools early on, winning won 3-game set with a combined score of 30 something to 3. Since then the Twins obviously got hot, but I don’t think they necessarily match up any better against the Tigers. Losing Liriano certainly doesn’t help them. This one might go the full 7, but I like the Tigers chances. Pop some more champagne, Detroit, the Tigers return to the World Series for the first time since 1984.


6)         NLCS: N.Y. Mets over Houston Astros

            This is a tough one, because at this point, the Astros have to be ooooh so hot. However, they were a sub-.500 team most of the season, and I think reality will set in for them. What better way for reality to rear its ugly head then for the Mets to come to town? I think the Mets should dispose of them pretty easily, probably a four or five game series.


7)         World Series: Detroit Tigers over N.Y. Mets

            Yup, you heard that right. The Detroit Tigers over the New York Mets. No, this isn’t a mid 1980s matchup, it really is 2006. Both teams won a World Series in the mid 80s, and return for a shot at glory 20 years later. I like the Tigers young pitching over the Pedro-less Mets. I also like Detroit’s bats over the Mets’ bats. And, lets face it, the AL has the NL’s number this year. It all adds up to one helluva party at Comerica Park, and a World Series championship for the city of Detroit.


            Call me crazy, but I think these predictions are pretty solid. Should make for a fun month of October.

  1. Oh, geez. This comments thread should be fun…

  2. What’s your take on the NL side of my predictions?

  3. lancer said:

    Well looking over these predictions, I don’t see any possibility for all of these not to come true.

  4. well your picks are flawed pretty early seeing as how Detroit with their dead arms are not making it past the A’s.
    I also didn’t see the Stros getting in, which occurred as a result of their loss today.
    Finally i don’t know who is going to win the yankees/twins matchup but i see that matchup winner going to the World Series.
    I just hope it isn’t a subway series. Actually who cares, cause regular season hockey will be underway and I will fill my spare time watching that and NFL Football.

  5. Champ, I don’t like the Mets to make the World Series. I’m leaning Padres right now, because they’ve got the best pitching staff in the NL.

  6. Primetime,

    Astros lose today?

    Um, no, they won 5-4.

  7. when i posted that the score was 4-1 with the Astros down. I thought it was a final, but regardless i don’t believe they got in.

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