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    I was a little caught up in the debacle at Spartan Stadium on Saturday that I’m just now catching up on all the sports happenings from Saturday.  I was pleased to see that my South Carolina Gamecocks put a hurt on the proud Florida Atlantic Owls.  I realize that it is a victory over not a particularly intimidating football team but a 45-6 victory is impressive nonetheless.  Read More

That I see this ESPN story about the Washington Nats train derailing and I’m slightly dissapointed that none of them got hurt? I mean, I’m not wishing death for them and I’m not even asking for serious injury. Just temporary headaches or something that Advil isn’t working for. Maybe a wrist sprain or something. I mean, they’re playing the Phillies tonight in the first of a three game series and I need some Phillies wins. This isn’t wrong, is it? Nothing serious, just keep a couple top Nats out of a lineup for a couple days.

That’s not wrong, right? That’s pennant race baseball, right?

As an aside, how long did it take to convince Soriano that they were taking a train back from NY? It was hard enough getting the man to move to Left, I can’t imagine this was easy. Maybe the Bengals should try it, though, you know, get more liquids in them during their travels back home.

Yes, folks, here I am, Roy Williams, coming to you at the Joboo blog. Now, some of ya’ll might be wondering why I need to come to this blog to put folks about the information. And it’s a good question. Reality is that if Roy Williams started his own blog, the amount of hits would be astronomical and without a doubt computer breaking. Even if the hit counter reads 100, you know I’ve got the potential to break down 100k plus.

First off, to all the sayers-nay, doing their thing, you seen Peter King breaking news on Chris Simms all night? Now you want to try and say the Lions going to come in last? Going to be the only 0 for 16 squad? Please, Ya’ll can kiss Roy’s ass on that. Prediction: I ain’t gonna lose my damn spleen.

Hell yes that is a guarantee.

Now, I’m not here just to guarantee victory against the St. Louis Rams this week, I’m here for a purpose. You know ESPN Classic. Of course you do. This is like a written version of ESPN Classic. Seein’ games through the eyes of Roy Williams. Tonight, I take a look back at the Rose Bowl to end last season’s college football season.

I take the time to reflect on USCs 52 – 33 win over the Texas Longhorns. An epic game, I hope I can do it justice.

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Here at Joboo we’ve really not been able to hide our disdain for Notre Dame, and the recent win over the Spartans in East Lansing has only brought that to a head. At the tailgate prior to the game I saw numerous people wearing THE 2006 Notre Dame shirt, and really the only words I could make out was “Notre Dame” and “Tradition”. That got me thinking. . . what exactly is the Notre Dame tradition they always keep talking about? I’m sure that different people have different ideas, and there may not even be one answer but in an attempt to clarify this for us, the uninitiated masses not privileged enough enough to be Notre Dame fans (tongue firmly planted in cheek), I’m asking our viewers to let us know what this “tradition” means. I want everyone to give a one or two sentence, think something that Notre Dame could put on their 2007 T-Shirt, that describes what Notre Dame tradition means to YOU. Whether you love them or HATE them let us know what you think.

If you love The Champ’s bold predictions column at this blog, and were dissapointed that The Champ included NASCAR and HS Football predictions this week, well, he just dropped this one on me: Michigan hangs 40 on Wisconsin. Yeah, OK, even if he doesn’t like the Wisconsin defense, I’m pretty sure John Stocco’s ability to hand off the football will have something to say about that prediction.

Some quick takes on the rest of the day’s action after the link.

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