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Editor’s Note…no clue why he is adding these ! to the titles of these previews, but uh, here’s the NHLs West preview.
Well here is the preview for the stronger, better conference in the NHL. The West is much like the NL in baseball. The coaches have to be smarter and there isn’t a pussy DH spot. The West plays hard, skates fast and has the history of the conference with the most suspensions. Expect another year of bruiser hockey from the West with the Stars making it out alive on top. Read More

Roy Williams coming to you folks once again on the Internets. Ya’ll like my catch to end the ballgame against the Rams this past week? Yeah, so what if I was out of bounds? It was a hail mary at the end of a loss, you’re lucky Roy gave a damn enough to catch that ball. My recollection of that moment in 10 years will be of the catch, who cares about the scoreboard?

Now, sitting here watching this playoff contest between the Dodgers and the Mets, I’m reminded of a playoff moment from the 1980s. It was the ’88 World Series. A’s and the Dodgers. Do you remember Kirk Gibson? Well, I do. He had injured his leg in the previous series, but was ready to go in Game One of this game. He came up with the Dodgers down 4-3 and a runner on first base against Dennis Eckersley in the bottom of the 9th, two outs. Everyone lives to be in a situation like this…Gibson even worked a 3-2 count, and then, it happened, the moment Roy will never forget…

Gibson swings on a backdoor slider…connects…High fly ball into right field…and a lazy can of corn into the glove of the rightfielder. Great moment, he just couldn’t produce, but, to Dennis Eckersley, a job well done and I’m sure he was celebrating.

Until next time, remember, I’m Roy Williams…Hey, in Roy’s world, the score doesn’t matter, baby. And when the score don’t matter, we have to look at the moments that could have mattered.

Since this was just a short take, feel free to check out my longer look at last year’s USC Trojans Rose Bowl Victory. 

So, here’s another guest column. Primetime here loves hockey, is Canadian and the like. Doherty and I dislike the sport and don’t plan on covering it. Plus, we had no idea the season started today.


So why does Hockey use a Puck? Shouldn’t they call it Puckey? Or maybe call the puck a hock …..

These were actual questions posed to me by American citizens of North Dakota, albeit they thought i got down to North Dakota from Saskatchewan via a dogsled. So if you do know what is the fastest game on ice or care about hockey, you know that the season starts tonight. I’ve prepared a preview for the Eastern Conference on how the teams stack up and how they finish. Criticism is already brewing no doubt and I expect Ryan and Doug to rip this apart, but what the hell, here goes …

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We debuted a new author here at Joboo yesterday, he’s going to be checking in weekly with some takes on poker. Maybe advice, I’m not really sure. Just watch out for this cat if you ever run into him playing in a game for no money. Cutthroat as hell. His debut column was about the new Port Security Bill, that included some legislation that extended 1961s wire act to the current days of the Internet.

In a statement released by, the internet gaming giant (as seen on ESPN’s WSOP coverage) attempted to convince users that, at worst, they wouldn’t lose any earnings they currently possess. At best, they’re going to fight this thing and hope to avoid shutting down. Including in the statement:

“As poker is a game of skill rather than pure chance, we hope that it will not be affected by this new bill.”

This is precisely why I favor the new bill. A bit of a tale and then some analysis below the fold.

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