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The NBA regular season sometimes bugs me. Watching Gilbert Arenas hang 35 on some fools while thinking about how he misplayed those pocket Aces does get old. On the other hand, reading about the fights that break out during Portland TrailBlazer practice sessions never gets old. Another thing Doherty and I have come to realize is that looking over fantasy rosters in our law school classes is a great thing to do. But, with these leagues that don’t maintain our interest to update a roster DAILY for a long season, we needed to go a different route with the whole fantasy thing.

Thus, we’ve come to this point. A sampling of points possible for your fantasy players in this league: Domestic Disturbance Call, Demands for playing time, obviously we’re giving out points for handguns being involved in arguments and what have you, substance abuse, Taking runs at star players, uh, felonies and a whole lot more. If this interests you, there’s a more extensive list when you hit the read more button. Also, some info on signing up.

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Well, it’s Thursday again, and for those Joboo faithful out there that were getting worried the Champ was going to forget his column again, you had nothing to worry about. I was simply waiting until Professional Responsibility class. Its been a long couple of days with the Tigers and my newly found good luck charm – rally vodka. Every time they show a little bit of weakness and need that big rally, a vodka and orange slam by the Champ seems to do the trick. And, if today’s game was any indication, it has been working. Got a little dangerous when I made some Hamburger Helper on the new frying pan and forgot to take the sticker off the bottom before turning the burner on high. Made for a lot of smoke, but hey, the apartment complex didn’t go up in flames. And, I give you five more bold predictions that I guarantee will also not go up in flames.

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I want to start off by saying that while I’m about to rip on Bill Simmons, I actually really like his work. I’m a fan of his writing style, and I like how he molds pop culture and sports together which I don’t find being done a lot of other places. That being said, I was really excited to see that he was going to keep a running diary of all the first games of the 4 divisional playoff match-ups. As any of you have to know if you have read really any of Bill Simmons’ work, he’s from Boston and an unabashed Red Sox fan. I certainly don’t have a problem with that in and of itself, but last time I checked the Red Sox didn’t make the playoffs this year. In fact I believe they finished behind the TORONTO BLUE JAYS. Well if you read Simmons’ playoff diaries you just might think the Red Sox are primed for a playoff run. Read More

I hope Donovan slaps T.O. in the face this Sunday. Get the ejection, let Jeff Garcia beat Owens.

In case you don’t know, T.O. is good at this whole Internet thing. By that, I do mean that he has a MYSPACE and types plz and u, and all kinds of badass abbreviations. He’s 32 years old. He has a message board, with an ask T.O. section. Of course he’s had a ton of questions the past couple weeks. So, he got this one (question bold, TOs answer in italics)

QUOTE(general @ Oct 4 2006, 07:21 PM) *

mcnabb seemed to reach out to you after the misunderstanding last week…..did you get the text message, and how does he have your phone number….i’m sure you have a new one from your days in Philly…he even said he would give you a high five or chest bump……do you see that happenning on sunday??


At some point, you would think his publicist would get him some tutorials on the CAPS LOCK key, but I guess she’s too busy etching “BROOKS WAS HERE…SO WZ TO!” into a ceiling somewhere.

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