the Champ rallies with some vodka, and bold predictions

Well, it’s Thursday again, and for those Joboo faithful out there that were getting worried the Champ was going to forget his column again, you had nothing to worry about. I was simply waiting until Professional Responsibility class. Its been a long couple of days with the Tigers and my newly found good luck charm – rally vodka. Every time they show a little bit of weakness and need that big rally, a vodka and orange slam by the Champ seems to do the trick. And, if today’s game was any indication, it has been working. Got a little dangerous when I made some Hamburger Helper on the new frying pan and forgot to take the sticker off the bottom before turning the burner on high. Made for a lot of smoke, but hey, the apartment complex didn’t go up in flames. And, I give you five more bold predictions that I guarantee will also not go up in flames.


1) Garrett Wolfe is the No. 1 Running Back in Heisman Voting


            I could have gotten even more bold and said he is going to win it, but I want it to be at least achievable. So, the prediction is that little Number 1 from Dekalb is a Heisman finalist at the presentation, and leads all of the other running backs in votes. I would love for Wolfe to get it, and I think he should. At this pace, he very well could hit 3,000 yards and blow Barry Sanders’ single season NCAA 1-A rushing record. The sad reality though is that the Heisman is a BCS award. How long has it been since a non-BCS caliber school won it? The last I can think of was Andre Ware. So it happens – its just very very rare.


2) Justin Verlander wins 20 for the Tigers next season


            It will be almost a year before we can evaluate the success of this bold prediction, but when it comes true, I am sure Joboo’s hits will have expanded quite a bit, so maybe Peter Gammons can quote this column sometime next September. I like this one a little bit better than my Jason Marquis pick from last year. Not that the Marquis pick was awful, because he was on pace at the All-Star break, and led the NL in wins until mid- August. The bottom line, though, was that nobody in MLB hit 20 wins this year, and Marquis collapsed down the stretch. I like Verlander to win 20 for a lot of reasons. Man hit 17 in his rookie season. He has a lot to learn, but some added confidence from pitching in the postseason this year will certainly help. He will prove he can handle the innings, and should be able to hit that magical 20-win mark next season.


3) Jermaine O’Neal is the Sleeper pick of the year for the Joboo Fantasy Basketball league.


            For those of you who haven’t yet heard, Joboo does fantasy basketball a bit differently than Yahoo does. Points are earned for off-court arrests, bar fights, or maybe even on-court brawl-starting activities. As Roy Williams would say, the baskets don’t matter. So, anyways, my bold prediction is that Jermaine O’Neal is the guy you want as a sleeper pick. It wouldn’t be bold if I went with Ron Artest, or any member of the Portland Trail Blazers. Those picks would be too obvious. This one is tough to provide much analysis on, but I have a gut feeling that O’Neal will rack up some major Joboo points this season. Chalk him up on your draft lists, before the Champ takes him.


4) 15+ runs are scored in Tigers v. Yankees Game 3


            This one just has slug fest written all over it. Randy Johnson is destined to be pulled in the first two or three innings. All signs would point to Lidle coming into the game, and that can’t be a good thing for New York. I really hope Kenny Rogers does well, but this is the Yankees murder-row lineup we are talking about. Chances are they can put up 5 or so runs pretty easily. So, the prediction is that at least 15 runs are scored total in the game. I have learned my lessons on betting on regular season baseball, but this is the playoffs! Take the over on this one. (the Champ is not putting his money where his mouth is on this one, so proceed with caution).


5) Butch Davis to replace John L Smith as MSU Spartan’s Head football coach


            Some people are jumping on the bandwagon that Miami will make a run to bring Butch Davis back to Miami. I think that’s crazy. Not going to happen… Rutgers’ head coach, Schiano, will be heading to Miami. My bold prediction is that Butch Davis lands in East Lansing. The man needs to settle back into a college job before he heads back to the NFL after that debacle in Cleveland. I think East Lansing is the perfect fit for him. There might be some hassles with a near $4 million buyout on John L’s contract, but I have faith that the powers to be can get this done.


Special quick bonus prediction:


            Joboo writer Doug Graham doesn’t watch a single NHL regular season game this season in its entirety. Maybe a playoff game or two, but not one regular season game.


That’s all this week, so Go Tigers, and get your rally vodkas ready!

  1. Steve Slaton said:

    I’ll slap you in the face. I’m Steve Slaton. You think some MAC fool is going to outrush me? Please.

  2. Wolfe rushed for another 168 yards and 2TDs yesterday.

  3. Well, I think Steve Slaton is wrong on this one…I mean, Wolfe is certainly going to outrush him…but, uh, Wolfe will still be in the MAC by the end of the season…right? Just checking.

  4. How is Slaton’s schedule any tougher.

    Slaton gets Lousiville and Rutgers.

    Wolfe gets Ohio State and Iowa.

    The rest are a bunch of unranked teams that are pretty much even.

    I say the schedules the two backs face are a wash.

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