The hell with it

I hope Donovan slaps T.O. in the face this Sunday. Get the ejection, let Jeff Garcia beat Owens.

In case you don’t know, T.O. is good at this whole Internet thing. By that, I do mean that he has a MYSPACE and types plz and u, and all kinds of badass abbreviations. He’s 32 years old. He has a message board, with an ask T.O. section. Of course he’s had a ton of questions the past couple weeks. So, he got this one (question bold, TOs answer in italics)

QUOTE(general @ Oct 4 2006, 07:21 PM) *

mcnabb seemed to reach out to you after the misunderstanding last week…..did you get the text message, and how does he have your phone number….i’m sure you have a new one from your days in Philly…he even said he would give you a high five or chest bump……do you see that happenning on sunday??


At some point, you would think his publicist would get him some tutorials on the CAPS LOCK key, but I guess she’s too busy etching “BROOKS WAS HERE…SO WZ TO!” into a ceiling somewhere.

First, they told you that the cops were lying, out to get TO. Now, Donovan is lying about sending the text message. Owens was a bit less “FUNNY I GOTZ DA UDDAZ” in his press conference, just saying that he didn’t get it and that Donovan knows how to get his number. But, I guess TO really dishes when it comes to the message board.

I’m half tempted to start a post on the ASK TO section of that message board. Question: TO, love the work, what’d the note say? Just because chances are, I’m going to get “WAT NOTE M8?” as a response.

Either way, this whole Owens/McNabb thing took a hilarious turn with that posting. I guarantee that McNabb has some sort of number for Owens, or at least his publicist. My guess is that McNabb sent the text message, Kim Etheridge got it and deleted it. Then she probably said to Owens eight or nine times, “wonder why Donovan hasn’t sent some love and prayers?” Owens then got all hopped up, “YEAH, Y AINT DA LUV COMIN’? DNABB?”

About the game, part of me at one point just wanted to get through the week without Philadelphia fans doing something really, really stupid. As someone from Philadelphia and a lifelong fan of the team, It took me a long time to come to this realization, but Eagles fans are really bad. It doesn’t pain me to say that, I’ve kind of come to grips with that reality. Don’t get me wrong, some Philly fans are really smart, but those tend to be the ones that list the Phillies number one on their loyalty depth chart and basketball fans in that town are about as good as it gets. Football fans, though, not so much.

So, I don’t know what they’re going to pull off when Owens comes to town. The OD chant set to the tune of the TO chant they did during the Super Bowl run, sure. Pill bottles, sure. Booing Owens if he is paralyzed on the field ala Mike Irvin? Kind of hope that one doesn’t happen. Batteries? Kind of hope that one doesn’t happen. Shotgun blast to the stomach. Kind of hope that one doesn’t happen. All possible, however.

I want to see the Eagles beat Owens, mainly because I’ve always wanted the Eagles to defeat the Dallas Cowboys. That Owens is a jackass, is secondary. I can’t hate Owens for what happened in Philadelphia. I can rip him and say he was wrong, sure, but to hate the guy for causing drama when they knew he would cause drama? I mean, are we going to hate Joe Morgan for saying something stupid on a baseball broadca….bad example. But, in my mind, Andy Reid and Joe Banner rolled the dice, it worked for a year and then they got burned. How difficult is it to move on?

I can understand the players disliking him because he tossed them on the tracks when the train was coming through, but as a fan? I dislike Owens like any other Cowboy. I probably won’t respect him as much as I now respect Emmitt Smith or even Irvin, but that’s because he’s generally a jackass. Not because he cost them a playoff run.

Fortunately for most of you, who don’t give a damn about Philadelphia sports, most folks don’t share this sentiment and there is a damn good chance that Philly fans could rain down prescription pill bottles, weighted down with nickels and urine, on Owens. Or worse. Should be fun for you. Might make me cringe in embarassment, but that’s just how it goes.

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