Daily Archives: October 6, 2006

Well I will make this short and sweet…

1) Kansas City over Cardinals (Kansas City giving 3)
Arizona is starting a rookie qb and they tend to always struggle, except the Rothlessadfafhe (or however you spell his name), but he had an unstoppable running game. The Cardinals have no running game. Kansas City will win big in this one. I am very confident with this pick. In fact, Kansas city covering is just as probable as Glasser wearing a red t-shirt or Champ drinking one to many at the bar.

2) San Diego over Pitt (Pitt is getting 3)
San Diego is at home, and at this point is a better team. They should have won last week and will rebound in this game.

3) Tenn over Colts (Colts are giving 18.5)
I know Tenn blows, I mean really blows, but 18.5 is a lot in any pro game.

Here’s just a sampling of how this Felony Fantasy Hoops scoring might go down. Scoring is not finalized, but, you get the idea. From…the IndyStar, via DeadSpin

Four members of the Indiana Pacers were involved in a shooting incident this morning at a Westside strip club, Indianapolis police said.

Being on scene for a shooting incident? Stephen Jackson +1; Jamaal Tinsley +1; Marquis Daniels +1; Jimmie Hunter +1.

It’s kind of like the Pacers timed this one out to help us promote. The big points start coming out now… Read More