So, if this Fantasy Hoops thing had started…

Here’s just a sampling of how this Felony Fantasy Hoops scoring might go down. Scoring is not finalized, but, you get the idea. From…the IndyStar, via DeadSpin

Four members of the Indiana Pacers were involved in a shooting incident this morning at a Westside strip club, Indianapolis police said.

Being on scene for a shooting incident? Stephen Jackson +1; Jamaal Tinsley +1; Marquis Daniels +1; Jimmie Hunter +1.

It’s kind of like the Pacers timed this one out to help us promote. The big points start coming out now…

Stephen Jackson fired five shots from a 9-mm handgun

Stephen Jackson +10 (2 per round shot)

after someone hit him in the face

Stephen Jackson +1 Provoking a punch to your face

and tried to run him over with a vehicle outside Club Rio at about 3 a.m., IPD spokesman Sgt. Matthew Mount said.
Stephen Jackson +3 Provoking a dude to try and run your ass over
Jackson, was limping but refused medical treatment at the scene.

Stephen Jackson +1 Being a soldier after gettin’ hit by a car

Tinsley and Daniels also had guns in their vehicles,

Tinsley +1; Daniels +1…Guns on location at a gun fight.

Mounts said, but never pulled them during the incident.

Tinsley -4; Daniels -4…not getting their guns from a vehicle to help a teammate in a gun fight.

A small amount of marijuana was found in Jamaal Tinsley’s car, Mount said, but no one was arrested because the drug can not be linked to any particular person.

Stephen Jackson +1; Jamaal Tinsley +2; Marquis Daniels +1; Jimmie Hunter +1.

And the last line from the IndyStar: “This story will be updated.” So, yeah, that’s how this stuff works.

As Bunny Colvin  would say…Son, thank you for being you.

  1. Bertrand said:

    “On Wednesday, prosecutors said Jackson kicked a man who police said has a deformed arm.”
    –Whats the scoring on this one?

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