Today is about the SEC…

And even ESPN knows it, as Gameday makes a rare SEC appearance. It makes sense though, as there is not another conference in college football even near the SEC in terms of talent and depth of that talent this season. Today is all about the SEC.
Three big time match-ups today…a CBS doubleheader and an ESPN game under the lights. In these three games, we come closer to finding out who gets to play the Ohio State Buckeyes for the National Title. Or, we get one year closer to a playoff system in college football.

At noon, CBS kicks things off with an SEC East clash between the Arkansas Razorbacks and Auburn Tigers. Absolutely huge game for the Razorbacks. That’s a legitimate lock, no 4-8 record there, the Razorbacks have not played a game this important since 2003. They have a running back in Darren McFadden who has been averaging 5.6 yards per carry in the early going. Of course, on the other side of the ball, you have a running back that is thought of as one of the best in the Nation in Kenny Irons…and the rest of the number two ranked Auburn Tigers.

When 3:30 comes around, CBS takes you down to the Swamp. Undefeated Florida takes on one loss LSU…and that one LSU loss? Happened to be against the Auburn Tigers. Through five games, JaMarcus Russell has thrown for over 1200 yards with70% completion ratio as well as 10 TDs to 1 INT. The only problem for Russell? None of those 10 TDs came against the Auburn Tigers. If LSU wins this game, they stay in the hunt for a Major Bowl and because everyone in this league will likely take a knock at some point, the SEC crown.

Under the lights tonight, the undefeated, but, eh, not so sure how good they actually are, Georgia Bulldogs host the one loss Tennessee Volunteers. The road team has won this contest the last three seasons, but if the Georgia Bulldogs want to be taken seriously on a National level, this is a game where they are going to have to change that.

Today is all about the SEC, but elsewhere in the country…the RedRiver shootout is at 3:30 between Oklahoma and Texas. Oregon and Cal play under the lights on ABC offering the Pac-10 a bit more exposure. Can the Michigan State Spartans rebound from the Notre Dame and Illinois losses to knock off Michigan in the Big House? Best thing about that game is the level of trash Drew Stanton is talking. Apparently, Drew spent the week saying that the Big House is the quietest 110k around (true) and that his family refers to UM as puke. So, uh, bulletin board material much?

  1. The Big House is pretty queit for how many people they have at the games.

    But its really the only 110 k around so you can say they are also the loudest 100 k around.

  2. Kevin said:

    “In these three games, we come closer to finding out who gets to play the Ohio State Buckeyes for the National Title.” Doug, I think you are seriously underestimating the boys in blue who have been systematically wiping out fools just as proficiently as OSU.

  3. Well, at this point, the National Championship game should be the Big Ten Champ against the SEC Champ. That might not be how it works out because of just how damn tough the SEC is and no one might come away unscathed. Right now, Ohio State is the best team in the Big Ten. Michigan may be systematically wiping out fools, but they certainly are not doing it just as proficiently as OSU.

    Ohio State has played Texas and Iowa. Michigan has played…Notre Dame and Wisconsin. Ohio State has played the tougher schedule thus far. You have to give them the edge right now.

    Plus, just from watching the teams, I think Ohio State beats Michigan by two TDs. I don’t know, if I had to rank the teams in College Football right now, Michigan is at the tail end of the undefeateds. Certainly not ahead of West Virginia or Florida. They’ve got an argument over USC because USC has struggled their way in the last couple of wins.

  4. Kevin said:

    Certainly not ahead of West Virginia huh? I will admit I haven’t seen them play this year, but if you want to talk about strength of schedule…Marshall, Eastern Washington, Maryland, East Carolina and Mississippi State? Come on, there isn’t a ranking on that opening schedule (Maryland’s basketball team would probably have given WV a better game, at least they have won something in recent years. In fact, there are only two teams on their schedule that can conceivably be ranked at the time WV plays them, Louisville and Rutgers. Louisville is no joke, those dudes put up numbers, but Rutgers, I wouldn’t be suprised in the least if they fall from grace before they roll into Morgantown. While UM has steadily rolled over the number 2 team in the nation as well as beating down their first three conference opponents (I would like anyone to argue that the Big Ten and the Big East are even comparable conferences). What I want to know is who are the retards in the AP who are wasting their number 1 votes on WV? I do agree with your assessment of USC, they have struggled to win the past two weeks against average teams, they are not the powerhouse of the past couple of years and should not be ranked on the benefit of past successes – that team now plays in the NFL.

  5. Well, I’m only talking strength of schedule on Florida/Michigan/Ohio State. I said nothing of SOS with regards to the Mountaineers. The Mountaineers I put there based only on watching them play. Steve Slaton is the best running back in America and Pat White can play some quarterback. I don’t think a first place vote for WVU is a waste, they’re a strong team. If you haven’t seen them play, how do you have any basis on whether it is retarded to put them #1 if you haven’t seen WVU play?

  6. Garret Wolfe’s schedule with Ohio State and Iowa is pretty even with Steve Slaton’s so I don’t see how Wolfe’s superior stats don’t make him the best running back in America.

  7. Iowa and Ohio State might make the strength of schedule argument between N. Illinois and WVU closer, but uh, by no means does Wolfe play a schedule even with Slaton’s. It is still the Big East against a MAC schedule.

  8. Morrow, I’ll make a comparison between the Big East and the Big Ten.
    First of all, Rutgers did stop Illinois from getting past the 50 yards line. How’d Michigan State do against Illinois again?

    Michigan is not deserving of a #2 ranking and here’s why.
    They have wins against garbage teams, Wisconsin, ND, Minnesota and Michigan State.

    Wisconsin’s only real opponent this year was Michigan and beating up on Indiana and Northwestern doesn’t make them a contender in the Big Ten. Wisconsin should be given reasonable weight in the win but Michigan should have hung at least 35 points on and maybe 40.

    Minnesota is off to a great start right … i guess 0-3 in the conference and 2-4 overall is the top of the Big Ten these days. They lost to Penn State, who is a upper middle Big Ten team this year and Michigan, ok but Purdue? Are you fucking kidding me? Minnesota is not really a challenge since they are last in the big ten.

    Michigan State: do i really need to comment on how horrible they are? They lost to Illinois, who ironically got destroyed by a Big East team, who would have lost to Pitt if Pitt didn’t have moustache coaching kicking onside and shit. Now this directly affects the ND value since MSU, as horrible as they are, almost beat ND…. Should have beat ND making the overrated Irish look even less attractive in the polls. Really Michigan beat ND and ND should have been ranked 8th in the country.

    Now WV has played garbage teams right? How’d they do against them? Winning by 10? NO. They put a fucking hurt on fools getting 40 or more points in all game but one. That one game they won by 17 against ECU who was all jacked up for that game.

    The rest of my argument and good points won’t mean anything unless you’ve watched them mess fools up, so i won’t waste my time pointing those out.

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