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    One of the running trends here on Joboo has been calling ESPN and their “personalities” out for stupid decisions.  Well, when you are the worldwide leader in sports television and part of the evil empire that is Disney you’re going to take your lumps.  I’m not going to apologize for ripping on them, but in the interest of fairness I have to give ESPN some credit for canning Jason Whitlock’s fat ass.  I’m not even sure what the real reason ESPN offered for firing Whitlock, but he claims that it was merely because he was exercising his constitutional right of free speech.  I would like to believe he was fired for merely being a moron, or in the alternative not knowing a god damned thing about sports but judging by ESPN’s other personal decisions there had to be something else here.  Well AOL decided to give Jason a shot to reach out to the masses, and boy did he reach out.  Click the read more link to see the “highlights” of Whitlock’s first weekly column on AOL. Read More

Not because I think it is a good move, not because it is a bad move. Not because I give a damn about the Yankees, but because I have no idea how good of a manager Joe Torre is. My gut feeling is that Joe Torre isn’t a spectacular head coach, but uh, he has all those damn World Series rings and gets to the playoffs a lot.

I’m not going to say that I could coach those Yankee teams to those wins, because that would be a silly thing to say, but I do think that a whole lot of baseball managers could coach those teams to those wins. Torre has a career .537 winning percent as a manager, but a .607 win percentage in New York.  He hasn’t won a World Series since 2000, and even though he has won the AL East in all of the seasons since then and has only once finished 2nd in the Division, they’ve had talent levels that other teams dream of. Not to mention, when they need to go out and add a player, they at least tend to go out and add some piece, even if it isn’t the perfect piece.

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Are they doing with baseball hats these days?

what the hell

They have GPS hats. In six different colors. They have hats with dog tags on them. They have various models inspired, I’m sure, by the latest Jay-Z or Lil Fizz music video. They’ve got a model called “Head of State” that puts the team logo in the middle of an outline of the state. I’m really just waiting until I see the team logo in the middle of a sketch of a dead body. I’m actually surprised they don’t have that, I mean, they have something called “durty” denim. Like eight color schemes for all of these. SOME OF THESE COST FORTY DOLLARS.

There is one called MLB tat. “MLB Gettin'” is the name of a hat. Most of these things literally look like someone got shot in a nightclub, MLB took the shirt off of the deadbody and designed a hat out of it.

I know some moron decided a few years back that off-brand coloring on ballcaps was apparently a GOOD idea, but didn’t we collectively send that dude a memo telling him to go the hell away? We didn’t. We ignored that dude and just laughed at him. We watched him in his hip hop videos and we made jokes. It’s too late now. We’re not returning from these depths. This is why we should open fire on North Korea. Yes, Testin’ a nuke is like the off brand hats. You don’t stop this bullshit now, it’s just going to spiral out of control.